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"Casa de Carmen" Salon and More [No CC, version without World Adventures included]

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2012 at 5:54 AM
Updated: 26th Mar 2012 at 7:08 PM - Minor changes in text
Are you that busy, ambitious person determined to fulfill your dreams and be successful? Are you interested in latest trends, but have no time to really get into them? Don't you have that need from time to time to just slow down and relax for a minute? If so, then you definitely should visit "Casa de Carmen" Salon & More! But be warned - once you enter, you'll probably meet the most cheerful people in the world!

"Casa de Carmen" connects past with the present time. Established about 150 years ago by Señora Carmen Cantante as a regional nectar center, it immediatelly became a local hub of social life. However, it fell into decline over time as local farms gave their way to growing city. Luckily, what used to be a neglected nectary, today is a bustling place that changes the meaning of "good taste".

Want to be the main atraction of the show? Our specialists will advise you how to wear, look and live as stylish as possible. Or maybe you want to find a retreat for a day? No problem! Drink our coffee or other beverage, admire the detailed work of old architects, sit between flowers at patio, play a round of domino or take a short nap and just relax...

Does all of this sound right? Then see you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!


Yes, I know, it's yet another salon made by me. What can I say? I just really like to build places where Sims can both work and hang out. Plus I hate it when things don't match. And although my previous creation (available here) fits quite well into the main theme of stardom, Showtime added some Spanish/South Californian style stuff that I couldn't resist. And so this salon in former winery-... umm, I mean nectary-like building was created. However, if placed in Starlight Shores you'll probably see that the suggested lot for salon is in quite run-down surroundings. I built this building at 47 Los Sueños Strip (see screenshots section), but it's up to you where you'll place it.

Important Version Information

As you can see, I uploaded two different files here. It's because I wanted this lot to be availabe to as many players as possible. And so, what you can see on the most screenshots is the "Standard" version, which requires only Ambitions and Showtime to work (and base game, of course). It has all functions, provided by those expansion packs, but the whole story about nectary is only for looks.
However, if you also have World Adventures and want this lot to actually serve nectars too, then "Plus_WA" version is for you. The picture below shows the only differences between those versions:

All in all:

The "Standard version" (Base Game + Ambitions + Showtime) provides:
  • a stylist salon on the first floor;
  • a tatoo studio in the basement;
  • a creative/architect office;
  • a coffee/drink area on the ground floor;
  • a patio outside.

The "Plus_WA" version (Base Game + World Adventures + Ambitions + Showtime) has all the stuff listed above and:
  • additional nectar-production room in the basement;
  • a nectar register and racks on the ground floor.

The whole lot was playtested and no Custom Content or mods were used to build it (although I used "moveobjects" code, so be careful while moving stuff around in buy/build mode )

Enjoy playing!

Lot Size: 30x20
Lot Price: "Standard": §139,777; "Plus_WA": §156,358