Short Sleeved Hoodies with Short Shorts

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Uploaded: 3rd Jul 2012 at 11:58 AM
Updated: 22nd May 2013 at 5:01 PM - changing thumbnail
Here are some cute hoodies and shorts for sims to work out in. They're recolours of these Migamoo outfits. I changed the colours, added an undershirt, added a pregnant morph to the mesh, and edited the shape of the fit and fat states a bit. You can see the difference between Migamoo's original mesh and my edited version in the attached pics. My mesh edit is completely optional and does NOT include the full mesh. You still NEED Migamoo's original mesh whether or not you choose to use my edited version. My edited mesh has the same poly count as Migamoo's. I didn't add or subtract anything, just moved some stuff around.

Full Body - Everyday/Athletic - Adult Only - MESH REQUIRED - Pregnant Morph Addon OPTIONAL

Oh, and as you can see, these hoods don't work too well with some hairstyles. Style your sim's hair accordingly.

September 5, 2012 UPDATE: MESH ADDON has been updated. Originally the pregnancy morph had some weird shading since I didn't realize you have to use Cat's Normal Smoother on the baby bump after reshaping it. Whoops. That's fixed now and it looks much better. If you have the old mesh addon, please redownload the "Optional Mesh Edit" file which now contains the FIXED mesh addon. The new mesh addon has a new filename, so be sure to delete the old one from your downloads folder.

Hair pictured, from left to right: my Oepu/Nouk edit, Maxis (AL), my Maxis edit, Nouk, my Agustin edit