Testers Wanted: New Mesh - Bunnygirl

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2005 at 8:19 PM

Could someone please test this mesh in their game, it's sorta the classic bunnygirl (yep, I know it kinda looks like a large golf ball stuck to her butt!), but I've added the 'tail', collar and cuffs .....
Any suggestions how I could make it better?
If any of you 'hair-mesh' people are reading this, perhaps someone could make some nice bunny-ears to go with the outfit?
I've tried about a dozen ways - attaching them to the head bone, or r/l hair bones on the body, or as part of the head, or even as an accessory, but all has failed - if someone more clever than me could have a go it would certainly finish the job nicely! Thank you!
This mesh also seems to be 'fat-resistant', but I haven't seen any other problems yet - please let me know!
Have fun, happy simming!
Amy xxx