Testers Wanted:*UPDATED* New Mesh - Gothgurl

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2005 at 8:30 PM · Updated 6th Mar 2005 at 6:52 PM by aardvarkams : Update

Please test out this new mesh - i've tried to do the 'Gothgurl' look, with chunky boots and a layered 'mesh' skirt ... but as I'm so bad at skinning, it hasn't quite come out the way I wanted!
I wanted a lacey effect for the under-skirt, but I think it has something to do with the 'material properties'(?) Anyway, see if there are any major problems - again it's 'fat-resistant' - hope the skirt behaves ok during play, it took ages to assign the new verts to the different bones!
Thanks to everyone - MTS2, et al.
Please re-skin and post your creations so I can use it in my game!
Any suggestions on alterations please let me know - and for God's sake someone please skin me a set of Goth Boots!
Happy simming,
Amy xxx

Hi, sorry everyone - thank you all for your fantastic skins, they're so sexy! I've re-mapped the textures on the Boots, (and tidied up the legs so the stripes are better); but in doing so your skins that you've all lovingly made need some slight alteration - just a bit on the alpha at the toes, it probably won't take long to re-do the project if you 'cut-n-paste' off mine(?) If you prefer the old one then don't install the new one, it'll over-write it! (Sorry!)
Thank you all so very much - hopefully more coming soon ...!
Amy xxx
ps. I've also enclosed an updated texture map to help with the re-skinning, sorry! xxx