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The Pre-Apocalypse House

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2012 at 8:44 PM
Updated: 25th Oct 2012 at 11:42 PM
The Pre-Apocalypse House

Are you prepared?!

The Brooks family have preached all over town about how the end is near. Of course, nobody took them serious but they knew what was coming and they were prepared. So prepared in fact, they dedicated their every waking moment to building the ultimate in fortified family homes. Sadly, a freak accident involving a metric ton of non-perishable canned goods on a poorly balanced arctic lorry outside the “Rapture ‘R’ Us” warehouse means the Brooks will never live to see their masterpiece withstand the horrors of the apocalypse. Sad, yes...but on the bright side, this labour of love can now save you and your family from the hoards of un-dead for just under S300k ...ok, so it’s not exactly a bargain but you want your sims to survive... don’t you?!

The Brooks thought of every safety measure conceivable: the house is surrounded by a moat with a controlled entry point via the garage doors which work on a buzzer system (CCTV incorporated). From there you have to scale stairs and walk over a catwalk to reach the front door, all of which is overlooked by the roof top look-out and watch-tower so even if a zombie somehow breeched the gates you’d have plenty of time to spot, track and take them out. The doors themselves are glass but don’t let that fool you; they’re bulletproof and designed to prevent any nasty surprises lurching at you from a blind spot. (Note: Does not contain pea shooters because they’re ugly and I was trying to minimise store content even if it is free).

The roof is more functional than pretty; it’s main role being a lookout point and somewhere to collect resources. As well as the solar panels to produce electricity, there’s a huge tank for collecting rain water that filters down to the water treatment plant in the lower basement. The house is completely self sustaining; it even comes fully equipped for recycling (nothing gets wasted once re-supply stores become a thing of the past!).

The primary living area comprises level 1, level 2 and and basement level 1 which are furnished for 2 adults, 2 kids and a toddler. The ground level is a fully stocked (except bananas) harvestable garden including honey bees. It’s been worked over a little already so some plants are already at very nice/great etc. There’s also a store room that’s accessible via the garage and is a dead end (unless you find the secret door). The Brooks family didn’t have any pets but they kept pet supplies here in case they decide to adopt a stray survivor after the apocalypse (or need to breed them for an additional food supply - **** gets serious in an apocalypse!). So the house is also furnished for one cat or dog.

The secondary living area –or panic room- takes up the whole of the lowest basement level. It’s furnished for 5 child-adults and one toddler. Should your home somehow be breeched by zombies or surviving looters, your last hope is to go into complete lockdown in here. There’s a large family living area as well as a gymnasium (if you find yourself living here you sure as hell are gonna need to be strong or fast if you ever want to leave again!). Here you’ll also find the Emergency control desk which will be your only point of contact with the outside world...assuming there’s anyone left to contact, an armoury (which is largely made up of make-shift melee weapons as the Brooks were unable to secure a firearms license on account of their assumed impaired mental status), a water treatment facility (contains a gem cutter, nectar maker and fortune cookie machine) and a plant lab to ensure you will always have a food source, even underground (contains the science lab and 4 omni plants fed on cheese, eggs, links and lobster)

Upgrades: sprinklers, all toilets and showers (self-cleaning) and ovens (fire-proof).

Decorative store items used:
  • Windmill, solar panel, baseball clutter (from the gym) and both long planters (used in plant lab) from the Prius set (FREE)
  • Capacitor Cabinet (50 SP) - Only used in the emergency kitchen and plant lab, purely decorative.
  • Mother Brassbeard’s Birdbath (25 SP) – decor item in the harvestable garden. Easily replaced by any other statue, I just really liked the idea of my sims still being one with nature while stuck in a post apocalyptic prison
  • Table top tulips (25 SP) – used in the main dining area only.

Stuff Packs – Not everyone bothers with them so I listed the items I used from each so you can decide for yourself if you want to DL without owning these items

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: F275,106 - U124,300

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Sims Creative Magazine for running the zombie proof house contest that inspired this.