New Career: Pharmaceutical Sales

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Selling Some of the Most Marked Up Products in the World and You Get the Commission


This pharmaceutical sales career exits only because there is a pharmaceutical industry career. In the latter one, there are whole bunch of introverted Ph.D. chemists who are extremely good at discovering and making new drugs, but they don’t know how to sell them. A great drug is only great if it can be delivered to the end users, i.e. the patients. Drug companies can only make money if their drugs are sold, not sitting in the factory. In developed countries, prescription drugs are regulated by the government, only physicians with proper licenses can prescribe drugs to their patients. Since physicians are too busy seeing patients, they cannot keep up with new inventions. They rely on someone whom we called pharmaceutical sales representative to introduce and supply information on new drugs to them so that they can treat their patients better. So a significant part of the pharmaceutical sales business is trying to convince physicians to prescribe their clients’ drugs to the patients, even the new drugs are outrageously more expensive than the generic ones.

In the United States, a Bachelor degree in science, business, or healthcare is required for this career track. Since not everybody play Sims 2 University, I would just make this a non-graduate career so everybody can enjoy it. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first pharmaceutical sales career ever created for any sims game. The skills required for promotion are modeled on Maxis’ Business career track with slightly higher skill sets. The pay is then scaled up accordingly. Again, you do not need the University EP to use this career.

This career is EP ready, has 10 chance cards, has its own unique GUID, does not overwrite Maxis’ careers, has its own custom career icon (made by me), and satisfies aspiration want with top memory. Sims wear business suit to go to work from level 1 through 5, and wear everyday clothes from level 6 through 10, career reward object is the mini golf, carpool for level 9 and 10 is the limo. Note: I purposely did not use the helicopter because it is too noisy, sims don’t like it.

Explanation of the custom career icon: The bigger simoleon symbol next to a smaller bottle of medicine means that the real motive of pharmaceutical sales representatives to persuade your doctors to use their drugs is for the profit. Brand name drugs are not necessarily better than the generic drugs but cost a lot more, and even have terrible side effects. In the main thumbnail, the simoleon sign is painted in green, and the medicine bottle is in a different shade of green, but in game all are in Maxis blue so that the icon is consistent with other careers’ icons.

Birch Tree Shrub in the background of 2 screenshots is made by Khakidoo at MTS
The house used in the screen shots is made by me, Living Large on a Tiny 1x1 Lot3
Custom career icon made by me.
Custom Career Creation Procedures, A Step-By-Step Guide V0.05 compiled by Psion and related forums found at, and demos found on youtube.


Level 1. Pharmaceutical Sales Candidate (168 simoleons, M T W Th F, 9am-5pm)

Welcome to the arena of pharmaceutical sales business. Selling a high priced product means high commissions for a successful salesman but first you’ll have to spend some time learning the medical effects of the products you are selling and even more time learning to pronounce the names of these drugs with a straight face.

Level 2. Pharmaceutical Sales Assistant (300 simoleons, M T W Th F, 9am-5pm)

You have just completed all classroom lectures about successful sales, it’s time to put it into practice. You now follow a more senior pharmaceutical sales representative and get out there to learn some practical skills of presenting and selling our clients’ pharmaceutical products. Keep working on your logic so you don’t get that deer in the headlights look when the doctor asks you if the pill is safe for patients with acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.

Level 3. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (520 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-4pm)

You’re out of training and are now a full sales rep for your neighborhood. You don’t have long to impress doctors who are usually very busy. This job takes more than good sales skills. It also takes good observational skills. Try to look around the doctor’s office and determine which competing pharmaceutical sales companies have visited. You can tell this by the free gifts they leave behind like coffee makers, concert tickets, dinner coupons, calendars, and so on.

Level 4. Specialty Pharmaceutical Sales Representative (600 simoleon, M T W Th F, 10am-4pm)

You are now focusing on the pharmaceuticals market of women’s healthcare, gastroenterology, dermatology and urology segments. You’ll be traveling longer distances to specialty treatment centers so keep your body skill up.

Level 5. Specialty Sales Consultant (800 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-4pm)

You now have many years of experience in many specialties under your belt so your company decides to utilize you as a consultant to the sales team. Now you are the one to answer the call when a nervous sales rep asks a question like, “Do you have any idea what acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy is and if our pill is bad for it?”. Since you’ve been selling drugs to neurologists for years, you know how to speak their language, and calm down the nervous sales reps.

Level 6. District Manager (895 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-4pm)

You’ve moved up and are now in charge of the entire district sales office. You manage the entire team and look to recruit new team members. You usually try to recruit sales reps with nerves of steel, the kind that don’t panic when they hear the words, “acute inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy”. You’re also in charge of accounting and you’ve noticed that most of the money your office makes goes to headquarters. You’ll need to get a job in headquarters to get your share of it. That will take a lot of skills and friends in the right places.

Level 7. Marketing Director (1500 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-4pm)

In this role you are acting as a consultant to the marketing department letting them know what customers out in the field are saying about the company’s products so that your company can develop more effective advertising. With your well honed charisma skills, you’ll be appearing in some of the TV commercials yourself. Remember the rules, talk 45 words per minute while describing the product and then 210 words per minute when listing side effects.

Level 8. Field Director (1700 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-3pm)

You provide leadership to over 10,000 global sales representatives in several regions. From your comfortable windowed office on the 17th floor you can tell your company is making money since they spared no expense in decorating the director’s offices like yours. Work on your logic and creativity so you can devise new strategies for your sales force to push your most marked up products.

Level 9. National Director (2000 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-3pm)

You provide leadership to over 50,000 global sales representatives on several continents and report to the CEO himself. Now that you have become an expert at every aspect of pharmaceutical sales maybe you could go into business for yourself. You’ll need top notch skills and friends in the right places.

Level 10. Pharmaceutical Sales Entrepreneur (2500 simoleons, M T W Th F, 10am-2pm)

You are so good now you establish your own pharmaceutical sales company, helping the world’s leading pharmaceutical entrepreneurs to deliver their new drugs to the real world, and to patients who need them.

Thanks for viewing, enjoy, and happy simming.

Updated: For those who play university, now there is a Pharmaceutical Sales Major that goes with this career. Sims that graduated with GPA 4.0 will have a boost in this career.

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