Tiny Chattel House (No CC)

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Uploaded: 1st May 2013 at 1:49 PM
Updated: 23rd Jan 2014 at 4:32 PM - added button for University EP
I completely have fallen in love with chattel houses as they can still be found in Barbados. I like the idea of moveable houses and I love the bright colours and little windows most of the chattel houses are built with. At the same time when I had been busy with building my first "Barbados Chattel House" I found a picture of a little white chattel house which I liked because of its porch going around the whole house. Since the original house seemed to be so tiny I wanted to rebuild the house as a little starter for the Sims 3. Unfortunately my first attempt to create a chattel house starter failed, however, the one I present you here is still low priced.

Lot Price:
Furnished: 20,411 §
Unfurnished: 16,177 §

Lot Size:

Lot Placement:
The house looks best in its original location at 2, Castaway Cove in Sunlit Tides. If you don't have Sunlit Tides in your game, don't worry. The terrain paint of the house will fit in most places with grassy ground, e.g. Riverview (see picture #11).

Lot Description:
The house is made for a single sim. Even though it's a 20x20 lot, the actual living area is only 7x6 tiles wide. Furnishings and decor is rather basic. Rooms included:
  • master bedroom with single bed and en-suite bathroom with shower
  • open kitchen with microwave and living room with radio and bookshelf
The Tiny Chattel House features:
  • street art kit
  • porch around the whole house with rocking chair at the backside
  • vegetable garden with a pomelo tree, several bean plants, bell pepper etc.

Cheats used:
TestingCheatsEnabled, Buydebug, Moveobjects, PlaceFriezes.

I checked the file with CUSTARD to make sure that there is nothing included that doesn't belong there.

No Custom Content and no Store Items were used to build the house, however, the Tiny Chattel House looks really nice with QBUILDERZ' scalloped roof with white trim and undersides (click the spoiler button below if you want to see the house with the custom roof). If you don't mind custom content in your game you may download the scalloped roof from QBUILDERZ' "Raise the Roof! Then Put Down a Better One!" (roof colour used for the picture: orange).

To have the lot look like on the pictures you need to have the following expansion packs installed to your game:
  • World Adventures
  • Ambitions
  • Supernatural (only for the rocking chair)
  • Generations
  • University

Built/Saved/Playtested with Game Version

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: F20,411 / U16,177