Perfect Honey and No Auto Clean the Hive

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Uploaded 26th Jun 2013 at 3:50 PM · Updated 30th Apr 2014 at 2:32 PM by egureh

Update 2014/04/30: Oops, I JUST found EA has already fix the autonomy problem of cleaning the hive in patch 1.63, which means this effect from my mod is not necessary after patch 1.63. Really really really sorry about my carelessness.
So, if your game version is 1.63 or above, your sims will be smarter with the hive problem.
I've modified this mod again, is only for perfect honey now. And I made a new mod to turn off the autonomy of cleaning the hive for patches 1.38-1.57.

Update 2014/04/10: Optimizing a little bit, the attachment should be compatible with all patches now.
Update 2013/10/20: Added new package for patch 1.63 which came with Into The Future.

My sims got a lot stings and attackings but no perfect honey or beeswax, and one of my sims has neat trait, he and his butler and his maid kept attempting to clean the hive without smoking the bees out and finally got a red PlumbBob, which made me irritated. So I made this mod to improve the hive and stop these stupid sims.

EA Defaults
The hive produces 1 honey per 12 simhours.
You have 60% chance to get 1 beeswax (same quality) when harvesting 1 honey.
The bees are getting hungry and dirty by time, which will lead to a dropping of their happiness without being taken care of.
Smoking will decrease the hunger level to 75% and the happiness level to 85% for a while.
Perfect honey and perfect beeswax are produced only when the happiness of bees is above 97 points.
Hives on residential lots have a starting happiness of 50 points, while on community lots it will never go below 72 points.
(I don't list those I didn't modify, for more details of the beekeeping you could click here: Game Help:Sims 3 Beekeeping)

Mod Effects
The bees will not get hungry or dirty any more, which means their happiness won't drop either.
Their starting happiness will be 100 points and stayed, thus we could always get perfect honey.
Smoking won't interfere with the hunger or the happiness any more.
Harvest 1 honey will always get 1 beeswax (also perfect) as well.
Shorten the producing period. (see the falvors below)
No sim will try to clean the hive autonomously any more. (Only patches 1.38-1.57 need this.)

Three Flavors
All of them have the effects above, the only difference is their producing period.
default - 1 honey per 12 simhours
per9h - 1 honey per 9 simhours
per6h - 1 honey per 6 simhours

This mod needs Supernatural (EP7) and should be compatible with all patches.

Known Conflicts
This mod edits these files and will conflict with any other mod which does the same.
(As far as I have tested there's no conflict.)

After install this mod, you'd better buy a new hive rather than keep the old one.
The smoke effect lasts 4 simhours.
I didn't alter the chances of sting or attacking just because the defaults are already very low when bees are happy.
One hive could store 5 honeys at most, so remember to collect them in time.
All hives could stay at 100 points happiness, no matter what the lot type is.

Enjoy your perfect honey.

Additional Credits:
Great S3PE

Type: No Autonomy Other

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