Sweeneys Emporium - 2021 Update with No CC

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2013 at 7:33 PM
Updated: 30th Nov 2021 at 8:29 PM
2021 UPDATE: Now with No CC!
- The original upload is still available - if you really want all that CC
- New pictures are tacked on at the end of the above pictures.

--- You may need the Lifestyle Build Bundle for some of the wallpapers, if you want them - you can always substitute whatever wall you choose.

Not included - but necessary:
This lot needs: Numenor's Wall #90
If you don't install Numenor's Wall #90 before entering the lot, there will be missing wall sections or pieces of the WroughtIron fence in place of walls.

No CC Included

Lot Size: 20X30
Lot Price: $59,440

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ the original upload post follows below ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Our little Sweeney-kitty was truly a Princess. Her job in life was to 'love' and 'be loved' - and she did it perfectly.
She was the runt of an abandoned litter (abandoned in a deserted cemetery, in deep, deep snow, on New Years day, 1998. Thankfully hubby's habit was to jog through there daily!) She and her sister Georges were the only survivors. We didn't think Sweeney would make it 'til morning... she did. And, outlived her twin sister by almost 6 months!
This "pet shop" Emporium is built in her honor. (Well, actually, their honor)
I'm certain Sweeney would've lounged on the cash register all day, not letting any work get done

This is a high-end pet shop. Here you will find only the best-of-the-best - the most elite supplies and hi-techiest toys - your pet could ever want.

We have all kinds of pets available - from the biggest dog to the littlest ant. And we are fully stocked with many dishes, toys, collars, chews and scratching posts to peruse and choose from!

Don't miss a visit to our famous fishie friends. Nemo, himself, lives here and loves to delight our youngest shoppers with a game of hide-n-seek.

Speaking of games - our favorite and most acclaimed feature is our "Pet Park"; where many games of fetch and 'diggity dog' are played daily.

Bring your furry friends and let them play - our fully fenced yard has many, many toys to play with, trees to scratch, 2 bathing tubs, invisible pooh-boxes (under the tree,) and every cat's dream - homegrown organic catnip.
Please roll around responsibly.
The park also features several benches, so our human friends can sit and relax while Rover runs.

FAQ - that I'm sure your gonna ask... LOL!
1 - There is a small bathroom - back by the large aquarium.
2 - The parking space in front is because this is an owned business in my game. I park a bright yellow VW bug there every day. (It looks super cute - like a toy mouse is dangling from the kitty's mouth!)
3 - Hubs and I are both musician and thespians - and our favorite show happens to be Sweeney Todd. The original, not the rehab Especially, the cast from 1978, with Angela Landsbury and George Hearn - check out this clip I found: You Tube Clip - Sondheim's score is a delight to sing and perform; both challenging and fun (...and beautiful!)
4 - Our kitties Sweeney and Georges, were named after Sweeney Todd. (Our dogs Lucy, Toby, and Johanna - are also named after characters is this story)
5 - ...uh, I think that's it!

Thank you for downloading - don't forget to hit the ol' 'Thanks' button for me

It has come to my attention that you also need the following 2 files: (Thank you Joandsarah77!)
Numenor's Unlevel Wall - #90
Menaceman's Lunatech Lighting Fix

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price: $44,936

Custom Content by Me:
- Litter Box - invisible... sorta.

Custom Content Included:
- Simnuts101 - Small Shrub BoarderThe Sims2EP3 - Batch 5 by simnuts101 @ MTS2
- modulardominostairs by Guatla @ MTS2
- wind_lafenetre2tileloftwindow by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_lafenetre2tileloftwindowdiagonal by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_lafenetretallwindowdiagonal by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Lack Shelves by Mutske @ TSR
- wind_practicalminilightfence by Windkeeper @ TSR
- Headache Low-Pile Carpet. by Parsimonious
- Part of the Hugelunatic Squared carpet set..........By Sesame by Sesame @ S2A
- Just Black by SimMaster @ MTS2
- Black4_Brick_Ohbehave by OhBehave @ MTS2
- DK02StripedWood by Deathkat64
- Stained Mahogony by Parsimonious
- Zebra Oh Yeah-2436 by Parsimonious
- Zebra Oh Yeah by Parsimonious
- Aquarium 1 by Michelle111 @ Leefish
- Aquarium 2 by Michelle111 @ Leefish
- Aquarium 3 by Michelle111 @ Leefish
- Aquarium 4 by Michelle111 @ Leefish
- ATS Paris - Trash-Can 001 by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- ATS Pets - Dog bath by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- atssandy_obj_petsdish_Bébert_PETS by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- atssandy_obj_petstoy_Bébert_001_PETS by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- atssandy_obj_petstoy_Perle_PETS by Sandy @ Around the Sims 2
- BB_GigglyGrass by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- BB_lilly_geranium by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- BB_lilly_geranium_large by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- BB_MumboJumboGrass by BuggyBooz @ MTS2
- k8-eponymousgarden-radish-051606 by Kate @ Parsimonious
- k8-eponymousgarden-tobacco-051606 by Kate @ Parsimonious
- k8-hydrospherefloorlight-040607 by Kate @ Parsimonious
- k8-lostinspacecollardisplay-PE-041107 by Kate @ Parsimonious
- "Lost In Space" Scratching Post by Kate @ Parsimonious
- pas_sfv_edit_k8-eponymousgarden-goldenmantle-051606 by edit by pas @ SFV
- Numenor_DeckStairs_main by Numenor
- Numenor_Wrought-Iron-Stairs_main. by Numenor
- Lithium_mirroir_sdb_Sextan by Lithium @ SimsDesignAvenue
- SA99-TallSunflowerMesh by SA99 @ TSR
- Scratching Post by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_practicalminilighttuberound by Windkeeper @ TSR
- wind_wallsizemirrordropdown by Windkeeper @ TSR
- WR_Halloween07_LgStump_10-2-07 by HChangeri @ RetailSims
- ijHiddenPicnicChair by Inge Jones @ Simlogical
- ijPicnicBench by Inge Jones @ Simlogical
- SilentLucidityShiftable22backShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22backShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22degreeShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22degreeShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22degreeShelf2 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22degreeShelf2invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22leftShelf1 by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22leftShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22rightShelf1. by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftable22rightShelf1invi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftOMSP1sm by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityShiftOMSP1smInvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11backBG by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11backBGinvi by SilentLucidity at MTS
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11leftBG by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11leftBGinvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11rightBG by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityStackableOMSP11rightBGinvi. by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityxOMSPforElectronicsBG by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityxOMSPforElectronicsBGinvi by SilentLucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityxUnderGroundOMSP2h1 by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2
- SilentLucidityxUnderGroundOMSP2h1invi by Silent Lucidity @ MTS2

Additional Credits:
Thank you for creating all the wonderful stuffeths I used in this upload. I wouldn't have nearly as much fun building if other creators didn't make such wonderful pretties to play with.
Thank you Joandsarah77 for finding the missing pieces!!!
And, thank you, Sweeney, for sharing your life with us!