Liz Parnell

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Uploaded: 7th Nov 2013 at 4:50 PM
Updated: 7th Nov 2013 at 6:51 PM
I created this sim like a few weeks ago from editing a sim to the point of non-likeness. I've been too lazy to crunch down on getting pictures and such to upload her, till now!

Liz is a very crafty kind of gal, one of a kind. While she knows she probably really isn't 'one of a kind' though, she likes to think that she is. It's the one thing that keeps her sane- she has to believe firmly that she isn't just another person. There never was anyone similar enough to Liz that could take her place.

Liz has a style all her own- she likes anything that is abstract and colorful. She loves to look at patterns and guess what it says. And that is what she does really- she is a big artist. She paints with all her feeling, every little emotion that is boiling on inside her. she hasn't been able to hold onto a boyfriend for very long because her personality can be, well, a little bit overwhelming at times. How can you not agree with Liz?!


loves the outdoors

Custom Content (none included):

Everyday- slouchback dress (by all about style- left, one down)
Everyday shoes-boots (by Anubis- the ones on the right)
Hair- Alesso Hair Sand (by forever and always sims)
Freckles- Delicate Freckles (by Praline sims)
Eyebrows- bare natural eyebrows (by Elexis)
Eyeliner- Set of 6 Winged Glamorous Eyeliners (by emmzx)
Contacts- Contacts (by Breyete)
Skin- Default skin (ESkin-nAtural by teru k)
Formal hair- Newsea Poison Retexture (By Forever and Always Sims)
Eyebags- Tifa's Eyebags V3**
Lipstick- Cotton Candy Lipstick (By Elexis)

*The rest of the clothes are from various Ep's, including late night and university.
**You cannot link items directly from Tifa's site. So you'll have to find the eyebags. Right now, they are on the third page on the left.


Earlobe Sliders (by littlecat)
facial sliders (by bella3lek4)
chin cleft (by mybluebook)
Body Sliders (by Jonha)

Eyelashes and its sliders (by sclub)
Make sure to download both the sliders, and the male and female eyelashes at the bottom of the download page!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to the CC creators and I would also like to thank the mods who help with the sim uploading process since this sim was already rejected once since I was missing a few CC credits. So sorry I didn't update it in time!