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Uploaded: 24th Dec 2013 at 3:55 PM
Updated: 24th Dec 2013 at 7:52 PM

This skintone is an attempt at approximating my "Idolatry" skintones for Sims 2 - detailed without being photorealistic, simmish without being dull, complex without being overly-shiny.

This works for teen, young adult, and adult only as those are the only age groups I ever play. If you would like them for other age groups, feel free to convert. This is currently a non-default only. Due to the way this skin is made, it's not ideal as a default.

The tone ramp goes from lighter-than-EA-default in a very pale tone to quite dark, and varies somewhat between tones, from olive to pinkish, more saturated and less saturated, so you can get a wide range of tones with a single addition to your custom skintones. The tone ramp is labelled "HP Idola3" and the skintone "spot" shows up teal, so you should be able to find it easily.

Sims in the screenshots are shown completely without makeup, though this skin is meant to be used with S-Club's 3D eyelashes (there is an overlay included that mostly removes the EA eyelashes). Screenshots are completely unedited (except for necessary blurring of nipples/genitals/buttcrack, rotating images, and a little bit of resizing) - no filtering or actions applied whatsoever. What you see is exactly as they look in my game.

Important Info - MUST READ!

This skintone is made with 2x size (2048x2048) face and body textures. It is made to be used with an HQ mod to allow for higher texture rendering. If you have a weak computer, please don't download this - it probably won't make your graphics card explode, but it's not good for it, and it won't look as pretty as my screenshots.

Strongly recommended:

The screenshots are shown with certain mods which are intended for use with this skintone. If you download the skin but do not get all of these additional items, the skin will not look the same in your game as in mine.
  • AWT's HQ Mod - I use the maximum settings.
  • Buhudain's You Are Real - Adds realism to the normal map. If you get nothing else recommended here, get this!
  • Bloom's Sexy Feet - Feet shown are these, and textures are painted to match. Toes may look odd if you use Maxis block-feet instead.
  • S-Club Eyelash Remover - Removes the EA 3D eyelashes so that you can use the S-Club ones instead. My skin includes an alpha modification to mostly remove the eyelashes on its own, but to remove them entirely you need this mod.

Anatomically correct?

The version uploaded here includes nipples for both genders, but no genital textures. If you would like the fully anatomically correct version (including penis and vulva textures), you can download them from My Simblr (Tumblr).


Parts of this skintone use modified textures by ILTS, Nika V, Joedy76/Buffybot, IN3S, Buhudain, Kurasoberina, and Ladyfrontbum. Massive thanks to all of those creators for their beautiful work!

Also, big thanks to k2m1too, spladoum, and linuslover30 for testing, and of course, to CmarNYC for the fabulous Skininator.