The Sims 3 Awkward moments & Humiliations "Immediate Interactions"

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Uploaded: 25th Mar 2014 at 8:40 PM
This mod adds new Interactions option called "Awkward moments & Humiliations"

Inside it you will find new interactions .

Watch the mod's Video Here :

the mod is about creating Awkward , Embarrassing and Humiliating actions and events to your sims after hitting an interaction .

The mod contains new animations & in-game animations

Available Interactions

Choke Self . * Animation used from insane trait *

Slap Self .

Punch Self.

Throw Around .

Make Awkward Drama .

Poke Eyes .

Freaky Stretch .

Slip .


Crack Neck. * The sim will crack their own neck then die* *Sims who are not from your household will turn into ghosts but the grim reaper will not take their soul unless your sim is in a close range to them*

Make Naked. *The sim will get naked for a little while then will be embarrassed and wears clothes again*

Make Pass Out.

Make Pee Self.

Make Singed.

Make Frighting Face.


Note: The sims around the target sim will react to the events that happens to the target sim
They may point and laugh , Gasp , or freak out *Depends on their traits*

I made sure not to use any references from any expansion packs so everyone can access the mod , so you only need Base Game

This is a pure script mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mod , so Yes it works with nraas mods and my Disaster's and Blessings mod .

Tested with patch *1.63* And should work with previous patches and latest patches .

I hope you enjoy this mod .

Special thanks to : CmarNYC & Nonamena For helping me to start coding and giving me solutions for problems that I encountered & Christmas Fear for helping me making this mod better.