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The Cursed Painting V 2.1 *Works with "CL" patch*

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Uploaded: 1st Sep 2015 at 5:04 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2016 at 5:02 PM - Updates
This mod is updated to work with Dineout

Prepare Yourselves For A Smoky Curse

Are You Ready For A Challenge? "The Cursed Painting will burn You OR Bless You with some cash !

Mod Info
  • This is a custom tunning mod so it shouldn't conflict with any other mods or override any game data
  • The Cursed Painting adds 2 new unique interactions that offers new gameplay "Explained down below"
  • The Cursed Painting available in different types "Explained down below" .
  • This mod adds new "Buffs" to the sim staring at the painting & witnesses around the sim "Explained down below"
  • Sims will react to the sim using the painting in different ways according to the situation

Available Interactions
This mod contains new Interactions that offers new gameplay

Painting Types
This painting is available in 6 different types "Can be all used at once"

Extra Info
  • Gathering sims will get them excited & will start cheering once they arrive to the painting
  • If You select "Gather Sims" interaction on the "The Cursed Painting "No Mercy" *AUTONOMOUS*" Your sim will do an evil laugh because they know that everyone is going to burn & will gain "Mischief" skill points, Added by the amazing "Scumbumbo" :lovestruc
  • When a sim is taking the challenge " Staring at the painting " sims around that sim will react worried hoping that the sim won't lose & catch on fire
  • Sims will cheer for Your sim when the sim wins the challenge
  • Your sim will get a notification if they "Won" the challenge or "Lost" it with a description explaining what happened. along with sounds effects & Special FX for each event.
  • All 6 types of the painting are merged into 1 single package & will be available in Your game once You install this 1 package "You can also place all 6 types of the painting in the game together at once without any conflicts" You will find them in "Paintings" section for 250 $
  • Children > Elders can use the paintings , Children can use all paintings Except Thunderbolt since they can't die by electrocution "


Updated to work with the "Gender Patch" & Dine out gamepack

The Cursed Painting V 2.0
All paintings had been remade from scratch to make it compatible with patches after get together
  • What's New?
  • Added a New painting type "The Cursed Painting - Thunderbolt"
    Sims who stare at this painting will be rewarded with 25,000 simoleons if they beat the challenge OR will be electrocuted and die if they fail "Chances are 50% 50%"
  • You can now normally extinguish other sims by clicking on them while they are on fire !
  • Sims who ask other sims to stare at "The Cursed Painting - No Mercy -" will no longer witness their death and get sad about it because they're the ones who caused this death.
  • All paintings are now stacked in one object instead of being displayed separately -You can change the painting type by choosing a different color swatch-
  • Sims will now be rewarded with money amount between 750 - 2500 $ if they beat the original Cursed Painting's challenge instead of 1000$

  • Fixed issue where Kids don't get a notification for beating the curse
  • Fixed issue where You couldn't extinguish other sims normally by clicking on them , therefore I removed the extinguish sims interaction that was on the paintings.
  • Fixed issue where sims didn't catch on fire if they stared at the painting 2 times in a row without waiting for 5 seconds .

The Cursed Painting V 1.1
  • Added new interactions
    1. Ask Sims to stare ... : You will get to choose sims to stare at the painting
    2. Ask Sims to witness.. : You get to choose who You want to gather around the painting if You don't want all sims on lot to come
    3. Extinguish Sims ... : You get to choose who You want to put out of fire doing a cool magical animation in-case You don't have control over that sim , Note "You should put the sims out shortly after they catch on fire otherwise they won't get extinguished"
  • Fixed issue where Sims don't react to a sim on fire properly
  • If a sim asks someone to stare at The Cursed Painting "NO MERCY" Or "NO MERCY" *Autonomous* , They will react to burning sims by laughing evilly instead of panicking "Just like Bella Goth in the trailer"
  • Fixed issue where sims automatically gets extinguished when they react to events or being called to gather while they are on fire.
  • Sims who are staring at the painting will no longer react to other sims who are staring at the painting

Thank You & I hope You'll enjoy the mod :lovestruc

Known Issues :

This mod is not perfect but I tried my best to make it as good as possible .
  • If multiple Sims stare at The Cursed Painting at once they might not get results , "This issue doesn't happen with The Cursed Painting - No Mercy or if sims stare at multiple paintings of the same type at once"
  • Children are selectable through "The Cursed Painting - Thunderbolt" when You "ask sims to stare..." even though They can't stare at this painting since they don't have "Death by electrocution"


  • You only need The sims 4 "Base Game" to run this mod as I made sure not to use any references from any expansion packs or game packs
  • Created under patch
  • I'm not sure if this works on MAC or not , feedback is much appreciated

Additional Credits:
Special Thanks to scumbumbo for the amazing help He gave me ! this mod wouldn't be here without His help *YOU ROCK* :lovestruc .
Bakie for his amazing & Simple tutorials
TS4 studio team for such an amazing program
s4pe team for creating the awesome tool along the sims generations
Zerbu for the great Mod Constructer
My Youtube friends & anyone whoever supported my mods :lovestruc
MTS for having such an awesome site .