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The Sims 4 Ultimate Game Icon Pack

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Uploaded: 23rd Feb 2015 at 12:12 AM
Updated: 2nd Jan 2017 at 5:47 AM - Spa Day Patch

The other day I was extracting icons from the Sims 4 so I could upload them to The Sims Wiki.
However, later my friend asked "where did you get those icons? S4PE?"
I said yes, why? He told me that I should extract all the icons from the Sims 4 because its currently lacking many.
So I did it, 600+ icons extracted across all of the clientbuild and deltabuild files.

Here are over 600+ icons! They can be used for personal use like avatars or icons, but can also be used publicly.
Just remember if you upload something such as a trait, please credit me.

  • Sims 4 Icons - all the icons for a stardard simmer or other uses.
  • Sims 4 Modder - all icons with their instance codes. Also included is an icon folder for the Zerbu's Trait Factory.

Just A Note:
  • Sorry for not updating in a while. I am unable to work on updating the catalogue of icons atm. I have every pack up to Dine Out. I don't own anything after that yet.
  • Thanks for all of the feedback since the last time!

My Policy:
Just want to remind everyone! If you use my icons for objects, traits, or anything, please credit me! It tells me that you thank and credit me for taking the time to extract these wonderful icons for everyone!

Additional Credits:
The Sims Studio Artist (They designed the icons, so they get the credit.)
The Sims Wiki (idea for this mod)
The Sims 4 Package Editor (extracting tool)
Microsoft Paint (cropping)
Zerbu's Trait & Buff Factory (tool for creating buffs and traits)