SimCity Shipping Authority - 7 LOTS - NO CC

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In virtually every thriving city, you can find acre after acre of appliances, electronics, automobiles, crated goods, and just about anything else you can think of, all packaged away in metal shipping crates, stacked up, row after row, ready to be shipped off to the far corners of the world. In these shipping yards there will also be various functional buildings, whether they be mobile trailers just set up on site, warehouses filled with goods not yet packaged into their containers, or administrative buildings filled with the offices of the people who oversee all the comings and goings of a busy port. I've included all of these and more in this set of 7 cargo lots, which you can use over and over to create as big a cargo yard as you think your city demands! Some of them are nothing more than cargo yards, which you can either use as neighborhood decoration, or come up with your own creative uses for them, while others are lots with a specific purpose in mind, such as the massive cranes needed to move these containers around the yard, or the storage tanks for holding tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals before they're loaded into tankers for transport. All seven lots are consistent in style, so you can group them however you see fit, and it will still look cohesive (the final image included here is a neighborhood view of about a dozen of these lots, just so you can get some idea what it looks like on a larger scale) Since there are so many images included with this many lots, my organizational pattern is to use the abbreviated name of each lot before each screenshot; so, "PSY 1st Floor" would be the Praxis Shipping Yard 1st Floor, "AST Prof" would be the main image of the Amexx Shipping Tanks, and so on and so forth.

The central lot (if there is one) is the Consolidate Shipping Yard, which has several rows of shipping containers, a loading dock/crane, and the main administrative building for the shipping authority. It also includes the only functional vehicles on any of these lots (most other lots have vehicles, but without driveways, they're not usable- really just there for decoration). Inside the building on the first floor is a small warehouse space, currently filled with a shipment of barbecue grills ready to be shipped out to all the backyard partygoers of SimNation, as well as locker rooms for both men and women (complete with showers), a small machine shop (really just a couple of robot crafting stations), and a staff office and rec area out the rear of the building (complete with reclaimed basketball court) The second floor includes the upper portion of the warehouse, as well as an employee lunchroom/breakroom. The third floor is home to several administrators' offices, including one for that insufferable coworker who insists on leaving their Christmas lights up year-round!

This lot also works as an introduction to several things which remain constant through all 7 lots in this group. There are a half-dozen different varieties of shipping containers, all of which are present here (in case you need to check the floor tiles/wallpapers, if you're expanding or altering one of the lots), several open containers filled with various goods (in some cases spilling out onto the dirt), the dirt clod terrain paint overlaid with gravel tire tracks, and the 5-story high-powered lights, to illuminate such a vast space even at night (sadly, thanks to the mechanics of the game, they really don't illuminate much of anything, but it looked wrong not to have them!)

The other 6 lots may not be quite as standalone as the Consolidated Shipping Yard can be, but I'll give you a brief rundown of them here.
The Mitsubishi and Praxis Shipping Yards are the ones that I think are most likely to just end up as neighborhood decorations for most of you- they're almost entirely filled with shipping containers, with each lot's functional space being mainly limited to a small administrative office in a trailer somewhere on the lot. (a word of warning about the Praxis lot- it's just barely under the wall limit, so if you want to remodel it much, you may have to do away with a few of the containers to get that number down low enough)
The Subarashii Shipping Warehouses also include a few containers, as well as an administrative trailer, but this lot is centered around a warehouse with employee offices and workrooms inside, and elevated loading ramp out front (this is also the only lot where it's practical to have a secret passage in a storage container, if you're interested in such a remodel! There are two containers by the loading dock on the foundation- it would be fairly simple to put a stairway leading down into the foundation into one of these)
The Mitsubishi Shipping Crane is a ribcage-shaped container crane designed for stacking containers for easier access just prior to shipping. This lot also includes a small administrative trailer near the rear of the large red crane.
The Amexx Shipping Tanks are several massive interconnected storage tanks, designed to look most like those found near refineries and wells, although you can imagine them holding any sort of chemical you want, I suppose! This lot also includes a slightly larger administrative building, with separate bathrooms, a lunchroom, and a group office (again decorated by that infuriating Christmas-obsessed employee!)
The Armscor Yard Crane is the tallest structure included here- a massive loading crane like those often found in seaports for moving cargo containers onto and off of huge oceangoing ships. While there isn't anything on the crane itself, it is possible for your Sims to climb up it to the level of the crossbeams, should you decide to do something inventive with it! This lot also includes the by-now-standard administrative office trailer.

As uploaded, all of these lots are residential, despite several of them not offering all that a Sim would need to live a happy life. The reason for this is quite simple- it's easy to transform a residential lot into any other type of lot, depending on what you want to do with each individual section, while transforming a community lot into a residential lot is much more problematic. If you want to leave them residential and use them for some of your city's homeless, that's fine- if you want to change them into community lots and use them for hosting an illicit fight club, that's fine- if you want to turn some of the storage containers into apartments and give a few of your Sims one of the most unique housing experiences in the city, that's fine too. There are any number of stories that can take place in an area like this, and I would never want to stifle the creativity of those of you who download my lots!

(also, because I like hiding Easter Eggs for people who have an obsessive knowledge of obscure trivia, imaginary bonus points will be awarded to whoever can tell me where the names of these 7 lots come from! )

Since there are 7 lots, each with a different size and price, here's a breakdown of each, rather than trying to pretend that the largest or smallest numbers are somehow representative of the whole:
Consolidated Shipping Yard: Size 5x6, Price $340,332
Amexx Shipping Tanks: Size 4x5, Price $134,852
Armscor Yard Crane: Size 3x5, Price $143, 649
Mahjari Shipping Yard: Size 3x5, Price $147,557
Mitsubishi Shipping Crane: Size 3x5, Price $101,076
Praxis Shipping Yard: Size 5x6, Price $339,618
Subarashii Shipping Warehouses: Size 5x5, Price $158,935

While these are all good-sized lots, most of them are just empty space, so they're actually not too hard on a lower-end machine (though some of the larger ones will probably lag a bit). As usual, none of these lots include anything in the way of CC, so you don't have to go hunting for objects or textures that aren't included. Each lot has also had a clone playtested, and the only thing I feel the need to warn you against there is this: DON'T USE ANY CARS THAT AREN'T ON A DRIVEWAY. With the exception of the cars in front of the Consolidated building, all vehicles in these lots are just sitting on the ground, and without a driveway, a Sim who drives away in one may not be able to return to the lot properly- it's just a headache you don't want to deal with, trust me! If it really bothers you, it's fairly simple to fix- just delete the cars! I like them as decoration though, so most lots have at least one or two vehicles on them somewhere.
Finally, as always, if you run into problems with ANY of these 7 lots, please let me know so I can try to address them! Enjoy!

Lot Size: 5x6
Lot Price (furnished): $101,076 - $340,332