Film Production Major

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Your sims now have a new major! The film production major is great for those sims who have the passion of pursuing a career in the filming industry. Your sims will embark on a journey through out all of the courses offered in the major.

This major was customized and cloned from the "Drama major". This will not override the previous drama major from the sims 2.

Below are the class titles that you and your sims can look forward to.

Description: Film production is the study of movies production from start to finish. In film production, you will learn to create and organize scenes. This major is something to enjoy if you love to create scripts and plot schemes.

Class Titles:

1. The History Cinema: Prepare for action

2. Script Brain Stormer: Elements of script writing

3. Prop til you drop: Prop & Makeup design

4. Behind the camera: Elements of filming

5. Acting like you mean it: Acting course

6. Boss of scripts: Elements of directing

7. Behind the Scenes: Bloopers and mistakes.

8. Lights, Camera< Action: Art of movie production

*Skills required; Charisma,Body,Mechanical,Logic, Creativity

*Hours- The hours aren't changed. Sims will go to class during assigned time as the drama major.

Additional Credits:
Major creating tutorial, Adobe Photoshop, SimPE, and google image.

Major type: Realistic

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