Shops at Chesterbeacon - (No CC)

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2015 at 10:17 PM
Introducing, the Shops at Chesterbeacon...
Where convenience is only a stones throw away...

When the development agency of Hasselbroghoffanson & Sons decided it was high time to construct a series of community lots for their neighbourhood, the team was short pressed for time. "But how can we build so many different stores with such little time? Not to mention a certain lack of space!" cried out one poor intern...

The team struggled to spin up ideas, until one measly voice managed to break the sound of their heads hitting against the tables. "Why not take all of our shopping necessities, and cram it into one lot? We can dress it up, give it a snazzy name that has zero context to anything, but sounds fancy and attracts the bon vivant!"

Dead silence filled the board office, followed shortly after by an uproar of applause, several standing ovations, the sound of champagne bottles popping, and confetti raining down from the ceiling. It was at that very moment that the Shops at Chesterbeacon were conceived.

The Shops at Chesterbeacon offer your Sims a one-stop location for all of their needs. Boasting five different outlets to choose from, you'll surely drop before you can finish shopping them all!

Following is the included directory for the shopping centre...

Amaz-in-More Media Outlet: Offering a selection of magazines and video games, you'll surely find something to suit your hobby or interests here!
The Brick & Mortar: After a long day, reward yourself by stopping in to the Brick & Mortar Public House. Pull up a chair and indulge in a selection of fine brews.
Augustine's: Why settle for something less than the best? At Augustine's fashion, you're always dressed in the latest trends.
Harvest Pantry: Fill your pantry with the freshest foods of the harvest, offering only the finest of organic choices for your meal plan.
Autumn Table: Fine dining is an understatement, where at the Autumn Table, every meal is pure euphony.

Why shop anywhere else? We're most certain you'll make yourself quite comfortable whilst browsing the Shops at Chesterbeacon!

Lot Size: 5x4
Lot Price (furnished): 237,652