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Pondside - (No CC)

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Uploaded: 30th Jul 2021 at 2:05 AM
Updated: 16th Jan 2022 at 12:13 AM

A marvellous modern mansion built over a pond.


Surely you've heard of waterfront homes. How about a home built over the water? I bet you haven't seen a home this size, on stilts, built over an entire pond! Introducing Pondside, a four-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion that is fit for royalty! Surely royalty that would appreciate a good home that is built over the water.

Pondside was developed by a world-renowned glass manufacturer, Starla Wilton. Her company was known for providing immaculate glassworks for a variety of largescale developments. Starla grew tired of living in skyrise buildings that were surrounded by other glass pillars in a busy downtown setting. To escape the fast pace, she designed a home that would feature her beautiful glassworks throughout the entire home. The stunning feature, the home would be built on stilts and atop a massive pond. Call that modern ingenuity!

When approaching Pondside, you'll notice the massive terrarium that is home to real live tropical flora! This three-storey feature dominates the home and acts as a central hub for all activity. No matter the temperature or weather outside, you'll always enjoy a little slice of the tropics inside!

The main level was designed with entertainment in mind. A massive chef's kitchen leads way to a dining hall that is large enough to fit your entire extended family! An open concept connects the spirit of gathering. On the opposite side, you will find two main living spaces. One is devoted to a bar space with a grand piano. Perfect for lounging and mingling with guests. There is also a large living room that features a divider. One side is used for watching television, with the other perfect for relaxing with a good book. A wrap-around patio can be accessed throughout the main level, so you are never far from reaching the great outdoors!

The second storey is home to four large bedrooms, two that feature massive skylights that truly let the light in! The main bedroom suite has a private patio and a large ensuite bathroom. The other three bedrooms are all of good size and can easily be converted to hobby or office spaces.

If you enjoy being outside, then you'll truly enjoy spending it out there at Pondside! A massive wrap-around patio will host an endless amount of entertainment sessions for you, your family, and your friends. The draw of a beautiful recessed pool will be the talk of the block, and the envy of your neighbours. There is even a spacious patio space out back that features a hot tub and outdoor living space.

You'll love living at Pondside! If you appreciate modern style and beautiful architecture, you'll love calling this place home. Come and visit today, and as you know, this place surely won't last long!