UPDATE: 28-9-2015 Coffee Ingredients Made Choosable

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Uploaded: 26th Sep 2015 at 4:39 PM
Updated: 9th Nov 2015 at 2:17 PM
Interaction now drops itself after some time. Micromanagment begone!

Want "Double White Chocolate Lite Frothiccino with Banana Sprinkles" no more? Or you want to make drinks more coherent with chocolate all over the drink, with triple amount?

It's the ultimate solution. There were outdated coffee names mod before, some making drinks more sensible, some making them more exotic instead. But now, the new era of coffee (in the Sims only) has dawned, with the great Simsmatthew creation! (alright, I'll take that back and stop being an exaggerating, self-conceited creator. I'll quit it...)

For purposes of satisfying your curiosity, or if you are just plain bored, or if you are just interested, read it:


- The old interaction is hidden for autonomous uses only. Instead, a new, non-autonomous interaction "Drink" is available on coffee machines. The original had trait-specific interaction name, but as it included the random drink name as well, it's gone.

- Explanation of choice lists. They are done in terms of EA's definition of each component of the drink.
Choose Drink Type. Chai doesn't get Flavour 1 and Strength of Flavours while the others do.
NOTE: EA was unfair to Cappuccino and made one component of coffee unavailable to it (forgot which). Fixed.

2) 3)

Flavour 1 (consider this base flavour). Then the strength (NOTE: originally EA had the strength in the beginning of the drink name, this misled me to think it as the strength of coffee but I decided to change that, I guess my choice made more sense )

4) Milk Type (Soy, Non-fat, Lite, None)

5) Topping (Whipped Cream, Extra Foam...)
NOTE: Originally EA didn't allow "With Extra Foam" to get flavours. But who doesn't love White Chocolate foam??

6) Flavour 2 (the flavour of the topping)
NOTE: This was not optional in EA game, but I thought sometimes you may simply want plain cream, not flavoured.

7) Popup box asking whether you want your drink half-caf. No gameplay effect for chai only.

- Appropriate moodlets added for certain ingredients (eg Bananah for Banana flavour, obviously). Stacks.

- At first I didn't consider this, but to extend the mod, the choices now actually matter. Normal caffeine drinks extend moodlet to 5 hrs. Half-caf drinks get it 2 hrs. Chai is independent and gets Tranquil moodlet instead. Double / Triple (of flavours) strengthen the mood bonus of flavour moodlets. If you drink a normal coffee AFTER a half-caf one, you extend the moodlet from 2 hrs to 5 hrs (as would in real life); if you drink a normal one BEFORE a half-caf then the moodlet is unchanged (you can't shorten the buzz duration as in real life!! )

- All choices (except the base drink type of course!) have a none option. But it shouldn't make sense if you choose none for the topping and then the topping flavour one valid! I tried to prevent this but let it be...

Made under Patch 1.63 and requires UNI patch for the Cinnamon moodlet. If you don't have UNI it shouldn't be a problem.

No conflicts.

Tunes the duration of buzzed and tranquil moodlets.

Install as usual. Make sure no one is brewing coffee using this interaction by resetSim *, or ErrorTrap should fix this.

Yay! All strings are from in-game translated ones. No need for STBL.

The sim will get into endless drinking unless you stop him / her which is why this is disabled for autonomous, you'll have to watch and cancel it out when you see the sim finish. Sorry but I couldn't fix that. Well it may be an excuse for your sim to be lazy on the couch all day...


S3PE, icarus_allsorts, Xamarin Studio