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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2022 at 4:33 PM
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Updated 22/01/2024
  • Get to Know Fix + is now available in Portuguese (pt-BR), thanks to Aeri!

This is a pure script mod that incorporates a host of tweaks revolving around the trait learning mechanic of the game, including fixes for broken Get to Know code, enabling more discoverable traits, allowing inactive Sims to learn traits on their own and more. The mod also allows for a great deal of flexibility with quite a few tunables, so you can adjust the mod's capabilities to your preferences. See Tuning below for more information.

Though this is just one package file, I will be dividing the description of the mod's functionality into two categories for clarity's sake:

Get to Know Fix
This part of the mod fixes an EA mistake that makes it nearly impossible for Sims without the Charismatic trait to discover another Sim's traits via the Get to Know interaction, and adds some extra details. It incorporates the following features:
  • All Sims will have the possibility of learning about another Sim's traits when they Get to Know them based on their chances. Originally, only Charismatic Sims were able to learn other Sims' traits.
  • Sims who visit their descendants in Oasis Landing will use the correct chances of learning traits about their future family. Originally, the game only used the Charismatic chances, even if the Sim initiating the interaction doesn't have that trait.
  • Sims who have completed the Personable skill challenge get the advantage of a flat boost in their chance of learning traits. The game originally implied that Personable Sims could learn traits faster, but completing the challenge didn't actually favor them in any way.
  • The target of a Get to Know is able to learn one of the initiator's traits based on the chances they roll according to their own traits. This means that a Get to Know interaction can now result in either Sim learning the other Sim's trait, sometimes both, and sometimes neither. This way, Sims in inactive households will also be able to learn other Sims' traits. This feature can always be disabled via tuning.

More Discoverable Traits
In the vanilla game, there are a series of traits that Sims are not able to learn from socializing with another Sim. While mods such as Trait Discovery Fix already aiming to fix that exist, they come with the disadvantage that when your Sim learns these traits you'll be displayed an empty notification. This part of the mod aims to remedy both of these issues, and then some.

The More Discoverable Traits part of this mod expands upon which traits your Sims can learn about one another through socialization and includes new text strings that'll show up when your Sim learns one of these newly available traits, so you'll never see an empty notification when they do.

By default, the mod allows Sims to learn all the regular traits of other Sims, as well as a selection of hidden traits and Lifetime Rewards:
  • Hidden traits can be learned as long as they're fully suitable for gameplay, such as NPC-inherited traits. Sims will never be able to learn occult-related traits or traits with a special technical purpose. E.g., Pyromaniac is a discoverable trait, Junior Mascot is not.
  • Lifetime Rewards can be learned as long as they are trait-based and visible in the Lifetime Rewards panel. Object-based or occult-related Lifetime Rewards can never be discovered. E.g., Steel Bladder is a discoverable Lifetime Reward, Teleportation Pad is not.

All of the newly available traits properly display a notification when learned by a Sim.

Discovery of hidden traits and lifetime rewards can always be disabled via tuning.

Keep in mind that this mod doesn't make hidden traits visible in a Sim's traits panel, nor does it give Sims reward traits automatically. Without use of other mods, you still have to give your Sims these rewards manually before other Sims can discover them.

Auto Learn Traits
Two of my biggest gripes with the game’s trait discovery system are EA premade Sims not knowing any traits from Sims they share a relationship with, and inactive Sims around town never learning any new traits despite socializing and progressing in their relationships. These circle right back to the issue of Sims not knowing anything about their friends and romantic partners.

I’ve written Auto Learn Traits to solve those annoyances by assigning learned traits to all Sims in town and allowing inactives to continue learning traits as they interact with each other:
  • All residents who have a relationship with each other will have a number of known traits assigned between them the first time a save is loaded with the mod installed.
  • Homeless Sims will also have known traits assigned for each of their relationships as the game instantiates them.
  • Inactive Sims will discover more traits from other Sims as their relationship changes through normal gameplay.
  • Inactive working Sims will periodically learn traits from their boss and coworkers based on their relationship.

Multiple factors are taken into account when assigning known traits between two Sims:
  • Each relationship status has a tunable minimum and maximum of traits that can be discovered. Sims who don’t know each other too well won’t be able to learn as many traits as Sims who have been friends for a while.
  • The relationship level between Sims modifies the number of traits that will be discovered. Sims with a lower relationship level will learn up to the minimum traits, and Sims with a higher relationship will learn up to the maximum traits.
  • Sims who live together get a tunable flat scoring boost that makes it possible for them to learn more traits than they normally would. This value works in conjunction with the relationship level of the Sims involved; higher relationships can learn more traits.
  • Sims who have shared or conflicting traits are more likely to learn those traits depending on whether their relationship is positive or negative. The chances of this happening are tunable.

After the known traits have been assigned, the pair of Sims will have a tunable cooldown lasting 168 hours (7 days) that prevents them from learning more traits until the time is up, which prevents them from reaching the max available traits too fast.

Auto Learn Traits can always be disabled via tuning.

You can customize many of the features of this mod by opening up the .package file in S3PE and editing the Tuning XML resource in a text editor of your choice.

There are a ton of tunables; I’ve tried my best to organize them neatly and include clear descriptions about what each one does so that you can easily tweak the mod to your liking.

Language Support
More Discoverable Traits is currently translated in the following languages:
Other languages will display the text in English.

More translations are always welcome and appreciated — if you'd like to translate this mod, you can use this short guide to get started:

  • This mod is now fully compatible with tuning mods that edit the Traits, SocialComponent or TraitTuning resources in GameplayData. My mod will apply its changes over any XML mods you have installed, so they can coexist without any conflicts. The only caveat is that if you have a mod that specifically edits the chances of learning traits, you should edit my mod's tuning to reflect that in order to make my mod read the values you want to use.
  • This mod is redundant with mmsbludhound's Trait Discovery Fix. Get to Know Fix does the same things that Trait Discovery Fix does, and then some. If you want to use this mod, you should delete that one.
  • Custom traits are unaffected by this mod.

Additional Credits
  • Trait Discovery Fix: Inspiration to create this mod. I used mmsbludhound's code to write the More Discoverable Traits part of the script.
  • nraas: I studied the code of their mods to learn how to reach into the game's Action Data via scripting, which allowed me to swap out EA's Get to Know coding with my own.
  • Battery's Script Mod Template Creator: Getting started with scripting quickly.
  • dnSpy: Peeking into the game's files.
  • Visual Studio 2022: Writing the script.
  • s3pe: Exporting/Importing resources and creating the package file.
  • Adobe Photoshop 2024: Creating the preview image.
  • Thanks to Lazy Duchess for helping me with scripting!
  • Thanks to Ubercuber123 and MissPat for their feedback!
  • Thanks to zoe22 for nudging me in the right direction when I ran into trouble with the code!
  • Thanks to ZorA for his feedback during testing!