Starter Japanese House

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Uploaded 23rd May 2018 at 2:25 PM

I feel that TS3 really has too few Japanese style houses. Having visited Japan for numerous times I find great interest in the architecture. Although some may realize that I've been off from simming (and esp modding) for a rather long time, I have recently got back into it and am actively trying to enjoy the most out of making creations I love

This is designed to be a starter house (although the price is a little over the starting funds), and has almost just bare minimums fit for 1 while trying to maintain a Japanese architecture.

Includes basic laundry, cooking, a Japanese style toilet-bath separated bathroom, Futon (created by Arsil) and a small living area, plus an awesome small backyard with a lounge chair and a small BBQ area.

I deliberately used CFE to lower the outer fencing / wall to make it more realistic

Lot size: 25 x 15
Lot price: 31592 (furnished) / 23245 (unfurnished)
Required, but not included Custom Content:
Smaller futon by Arsil:
ONLY Eastern boxwood, packaged along with a custom world, Bridgewood, by Aaronaaronrogers8i3: (this is a VERY minor object; if you don't want a whole world bundled, you can of course skip this item and replace the missing bushes with your own)

Game version and required EPs/SPs:
- Built on Patch 1.63, but will work nonetheless on any patch levels presumably
- Requires the following expansion packs for only very minor aesthetics:
1) WA for roofing and wallpaper, easily replaceable
2) Pets for a lounger chair and calendar, again very minor and replaceable; and the drain floor pattern
3) Generations for a dresser
4) University Life for the stereo and TV
5) Seasons for only the door
6) LN for a minor deco (a bottle of soap)
7) IP for the mailbox
8) Bonsai plant distributed free by TS3 store, albeit seemingly out of reach as for now:

Ambitions is used relatively more extensively, for the laundry, clothesline and the lamp on outer walls, but I wouldn't say it is absolutely essential.
Anything else is not necessary.

Have fun

Number of bedrooms: Studio
Custom Content Included: None
Furnishings: Fully Furnished
Special Flags: Not Applicable

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