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DROP OUT YOUR JACKET INDOOR - part 1 - Maxis Content Recategorizers

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Uploaded: 31st Dec 2015 at 5:24 PM
Updated: 1st Jan 2016 at 2:53 PM
Maxis Content Recategorizers

Have you ever dreamed that your sim could just drop the jacket she was wearing when entering a house, instead of just twirl and magically wear a totally different outfit ?
Me too.
I don't know about you, but at home, I can go out in winter with just a jacket on (on my otherwise not too exposing outfit, of course). Moreover, once I'm at home I don't keep the jacket on (It's too hot in there !).
So, today, I bring you 2 global mods (recategorizers) to change category of some outfits from everyday to outwear and / or from female adult to female adult and young adult. Those outfits have a match without the jacket in the everyday category. Consequently, with those mods, you can get your female sim to behave in a way that is more realistic : if you choose matching everyday and outwear outfits, your female sim will just throw out the jacket when entering home.

My mods are designed so that they don't clash / conflict with Phaenoh's "Great Clothing Migration V2" : it just complete it with some outfits that were "forgotten" even though they have jacket. Furthermore, there are matching ones without jackets in everyday (when there is no matching, I will try to fix it later). Just put the packages you want in the download folder without changing the name : the name permits to load the package last.
The outfits that I recategorized are 3 teen and 6 adult female ones from Base Game and 3 young adult female ones from University EP, so that they are now in outwear only, not anymore in everyday. Some of them are also recategorized in adult and young adult.
So my mods simply overrides some "property set" of maxis outfits to change the categories.

There are (see thumbnails images) :

To make it perfect, I have removed the CC stars that mustn't appear on Maxis items.

Don't delete those outfits in bodyshop or CAS, it will bork your game. Just remove the package from your download folder when you don't want it anymore.

I can hear some of you complain : "I liked that specific outfit to wear inside. Anyway, you can't take off the jacket, so..." My answer is : "I plan to create a maxis match outfit without the jacket for some maxis outwear outfit that need it !" The project already come with some maxis match outfits that you will get in further posts. If I succeed to make more than expected, I will update those mods as often as necessary. See soon Part 2 !

Base game maxis match everyday outfits
Base game maxis match outwear outfits (AF & TF)
University EP maxis match everyday outfits (AF & YF)
Seasons EP maxis match everyday outfits

Sorry, but for now, I haven't dealt with male outfits.

It will conflict with all other recategorizers that deal with those names of property set (Phaenoh's mod doesn't change those outfits, consequently, it doesn't conflict with my mod) => see the image chart above.

Hoping you'll appreciate,

Additional Credits:
I have borrowed the thumbnails images from ts2defaults on sims2defaults
Thanks to Phaenoh for the usefull advices, mods "Great Clothing Migration V2" and tutorials about recategorizing and removing CC star.
And of course, SimPE and GIMP.