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GET SOME FUN, GET DIRTY - part 1 - Maxis Pottery Wheel Default

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Uploaded: 13th Feb 2016 at 3:32 PM
Updated: 13th Feb 2016 at 4:19 PM
Maxis Pottery Wheel Default


Have you ever dreamed that your sim could get a little dirty while actually making something dirty ?

With this, your sim will get some clay on the hands when doing pottery.


It's a pottery wheel default replacement mod (not the whole object) and a "Clay" texture overlay.

Using only the mod is ok, but I think it's more realist with the new texture.

Description of the default replacement : zzz_Ankoyume_DR_Dirtying-PottyWheel

It modifies the way the Free Time object works : actually, it adds an overlay on the skin (like for tattoos, witches or sunburnt), so that the sim get visibly dirty from using the Maxis pottery wheels.

It needs the Fractured Moonlight's body overlay box, "A Hard Day's Filth" to get (and get rid of) the dirt.
I'm not so good at texturing, it's the reason why I've borrowed thoses textures (with authorization).

Don't forget this is a Default Replacement, so it will conflict with any DR of the same object !!!

You won't be able to remove the dirt by taking a shower because it is an overlay : you need the Fractured Moonlight's body overlay box, "A Hard Day's Filth" to remove the clay overlay.
Known Issues
Those are not bugs, just some imperfections :
  • There's a lag the first time the dirt is adding, because it loads the overlay : all overlay boxes do that thing. Afterwards, it's ok.
  • I could only put the overlay action to the very beginning of the interaction (before the sims even touch the clay), but it's not too visible : regards to realism, it was the best I could do.

I used an object from FREE TIME, so it's needed ; I have All Expansion Packs, anyway, but I think they're not needed.
You need Fractured Moonlight's body overlay box, "A Hard Day's Filth", otherwise, it won't work : the box file and the dirt texture file only (but the other textures are worth it).

Description of the Bonus Texture : FracturedMoonlight-OverlayTexture-AHardDay'sFilth-Dirt_ClayByAnkov2

I've made a bonus : a reduced (hands only) and recolored dirt overlay texture package for it to be more like clay.
You can download it to replace Fractured Moonlight's dirt texture package.
This is not mandatory for the default to work, but I've taken all the pictures with it. Moreover, it's more realistic than getting your foot and body dirty while fully clothed !

Installation GUIDE
  • Download the Fractured Moonlight's body overlay box, "A Hard Day's Filth"
  • Download my default mod only
  • I advise you to put both the overlay box and the default in the same folder (in the "downloads" folder of course): for me it's "Get Dirty"
  • You can remove all textures except the dirt one, if you really want to save space, but it's not needed

  • Download my texture
  • remove the dirt texture package, named FracturedMoonlight-OverlayTexture-AHardDay'sFilth-Dirt, in the folder you've just put in your "downloads" folder
  • Last, put my texture in the same folder in which you've just deleted a file.

Hoping you'll appreciate,

Additional Credits:
I used SimPE and GIMP to make this, of course.

Big thanks to Fractured Moonlight for the wonderful work, I'm so inapt to do the same. I've asked for permission and I've got a "yes" ! :lovestruc

Thanks to Plumb Bob Keep site, for hosting the original work.