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Paris Nouveau updated 19-03

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Uploaded: 12th Feb 2017 at 5:54 PM
Updated: 21st Mar 2017 at 3:28 AM
Bon Jour, Simmers!

There are traces of Spring in the air... and thoughts drift to ..Paris.... In keeping with my current theme of late 19th and early 20th century, this lot demanded that I build it.... Without further ado, I give you Paris Nouveau....

The particulars of this lot......

The house is built on a 3x4 and costs 187,678 simoleons, fully furnished. Just hang your favorite draperies and move in!

~~~~~~~~ For those who would rather do it themselves, a second file of just the walls and floors is available~~~~~~~~~~~

Many thanks to the talented creators who made the look possible!!!!

CC NOT included:

reica15 created the hydrangea bushes that I've used for years.... Thank You, reica15!
they are available here, at MTS: http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=230933

4ever Sim Fantasy created the "egg shaped" shrubs. Their site is no more, but the files are still available here:

CC that IS included:

Doors and windows from Raynuss' panel door set. Get the entire set here:

The Mansard Roof parts by Crisps and Kerosene. The whole set is available here:

The Victorian style screen door is by Crisps and Kerosene and is available here:

Lithium's Gothic Dresser... SimsDesignAvenue.... site is gone

I have often thought that this dresser would be perfect as a sideboard... unfortunately, it was created with NO slots!
Rebecah at Affinity added 8 slots for me!!! With a price tag of only 150 simoleons, use it everywhere!

The kitchen has been newly updated with my retro set avocado appliances and maxis match add-ons

Yes, I built the walls.... However, sources found on the internet deserve all the credit and thanks! (Items are pictured with the screen shots)

Thank you:

Bradbury and Bradbury

The Smithsonian Institute
Maxwell and Company 1905 wallpaper frieze
Smithsonian Cooper-Hewett Collection

The Quartersawn Oak "paneling" is actually a kitchen cabinet door found on "Image Arcade"

Trustworth Studios re-created the 1903 Voysey frieze "Ballad"

etory-d36sutc created the seamless stone texture used for the exterior walls
the free download is on deviantart

The mosaic and plaster work exterior are from a photo of the Hotel Meran in Prague.
Thank you, Frank Derville, for shedding light on the preservation work that is needed....

The baseboard molding is found at Lowe's

The dentil and rope crown molding is found at Buy Crown Molding

Found on Pintrest was the intricate Nouveau painted plasterwork used for the dining room walls
Villa Ruggeri is the location of the stunning wall

Thank you to the poster, Beate Punk

The living room wallpaper was found at Swedish home improvement store, "Sekelskifte"

The children's room wallpaper was found at Swedish home products site "Lantliv"

The master bedroom and 2nd floor hallway wallpapers were found at Swedish site "Engelska" (they have an extensive selection of historic papers)


Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): 187,678

Custom Content Included:
- mansard roof piece by Crisps and Kerosene
- mansard roof piece by Crisps and Kerosene
- mansard roof piece by Crisps and Kerosene
- mansard roof piece by Crisps and Kerosene
- screen door by Crisps and Kerosene
- gothic dresser by Lithium
- mansard roof recolor by Crisps and Kerosene
- screen door recolor by Crisps and Kerosene
- screen door recolor by Crisps and Kerosene

Additional Credits:
Delphy for MTS
Numenor, RGiles and Quaxi for SimPE, and the Clean Installer The MTS community who never cease to inspire!