Oceanspray Apartments (5 apartments) [CC Used]

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Uploaded: 11th Jan 2017 at 11:34 PM
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Loosely based on 'The Beginning ' I made forever ago for The Sims 3, Oceanspray Apartments is a five apartment unit on a beach lot, perfect for those who want a summer escape, all year 'round.

Each apartment on the first floor has one bedroom, one bathroom, and a different coloured kitchen/bathroom which sets each apart.
Apartments on the second floor are more spacious and each have two bedrooms, and are finished with a lovely white kitchen/bathroom.

One of the perks of snatching up the larger second floor apartment is access to your own private balcony which hugs the front of the building, giving you views on your town in all its glory. Although don't let that discourage you from the other apartments!

Lot Size: 3x6
Lot Price (total): $107,342

Custom Content Included:
- The Maxis Wood Floor Restoration Project by iCad
- Outside Paradise Floor Set by Trapping