12 Basic/Generic Friendship Cards for MogHughson's Postal System

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Uploaded: 11th Feb 2017 at 11:54 PM
Updated: 13th Feb 2017 at 9:21 PM
Amidst the few Valentines Day projects I have been working on, Goldenbtrfly and I have been working on some really awesome new sets of cards for MogHughson's Postal System where previous card choices have been lacking. What originally started out as a request from Goldenbtrfly for a larger variety of Friendship cards, turned into a partnership as we both worked on different aspects of this twelve card project. While she worked on some of the awesome catchy phrases and heartfelt messages, I did more of the technical and design work. I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I have enjoyed working with Goldenbtrfly on this new set of Friendship Cards for MogHughson's Postal System. Because as Golden puts it, "friends are the butter on the bread of life."

Mog's Postal System
For those of you who are unfamiliar with MogHughson's Postal System, it is a mod that allows your Sims to write, send, and receive cards via their mailbox. It is by far my favorite mod because not only can my Sims send cards, but once received, I can display them in my house! And since every household has a mailbox, it is the perfect add-on to your Sims game. The cards I have made here (and in the past) are cards that work with this particular mod. (MogHughson's original upload post has plenty more information about this if you are curious)

Final Thoughts...
As I said before, this originally started out as a request but ended up as a really neat collaboration. If you are looking for more cards to go with MogHughson's mod, fear not! Goldenbtrfly and I are planning to do two more sets together. All feedback/suggestions/comments are welcome!

Curious about my request policy or what I am working on next? I keep a brief and updated segment dedicated to this on my profile page.

Additional Credits:
Custom Content Featured in Photos: I used Michelle's Green Recolor of "Anytime Candles in Swirls," but other than that everything else was from Kate at parsimonious, the "Winterwood" Welsh Dresser,"Kottage Kitsche" Jar with Lid, "Sultana" Zebra Rug, and "Statement" Artwork.

Design: A big thanks to all of the following websites for their awesome public domain photos featured on my work: Multicolored swirls, antique floral pattern, relaxing sand, antique children hugging, vintage floral Eiffel tower backing, blue plaid, red roses, happy sky, green bird, pink bird, blue geometric pattern, mustache, green stripes, and table setting.

Technical: And finally, a huge thanks to SimPE, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13, Nvidia DDS Utilities (SimPE help), FRAPS (screenshot help), Mod The Sims, MogHughson for her lovely postal system, and my partner in crime, Goldenbtrfly, for not only putting up with obsessive use with smilies, but for originally requesting and helping me out on this project!

I could not have done this without all of their hard work before me!