Viola House - A Handsome Victorian Home

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2017 at 3:28 AM
Updated: 16th Mar 2017 at 11:30 PM
Viola House is a wonderful family home for any sim who's a history lover! This stunning Victorian style house has been lovingly updated while maintaining the charm and colourful character of its historic roots. It features three bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms, with a study, family room, and secret attic chemistry lab! The gardens are also beautifully designed and include a quaint gazebo.

The exterior has fully preserved original shingles which have been repainted to a lovely blue colour scheme.

The interior retains all of the whimsy and love of pattern from the era while being a functional family home.

Custom Content
  • My I Feel Shingled Out pattern set was the original inspiration for this lot. Indeed, Viola House was intended to just be a shell on which I would showcase the new shingle patterns, but then everyone said they liked the house and here we are now. The patterns are very much required to preserve the look of the exterior.
  • My Ceci ne'st pas white window fix came about in the process of building this house. It is not strictly speaking required, but if you do not have this fix some of the window trims will look dull grey instead of bright white.
  • QBUILDERZ's Slates and Sheets roofing set is pictured on Viola House, and is required to preserve the lovely white borders on the roof.

Thanks and Miscellany
Viola House is named after a local civil rights activist from my region, Viola Desmond. I was originally looking around to name the house after a local street, but all of those are named after racist old white dudes so I definitely took a hard pass on that.

This lot was built on the eternally useful Builder's Island by Armiel.

Big thanks go to everyone in the MTS Discord chat for all of your cheerleading and advice.

Lot Size: 20x30
Lot Price (furnished): $70,847
Lot Price (unfurnished): $40,577