Glasstop NeonBar (Unintentional Mod #1)

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Uploaded: 1st Apr 2017 at 9:15 PM
Updated: 1st Apr 2017 at 8:02 AM
I've been working on a couple of sets that seem to be getting further from uploadable instead of nearer , since I keep expanding them with new ideas and discoveries. As part of the process, experiments on various existing game objects have cluttered my hard drive with Frankenstein-like meshes and recolors. While trying to clean it up a bit, I found that I just couldn't let go of a few of these half-finished projects and decided to finish them out so I could get my beak wet at uploading content. I'm calling these sentimental holdouts "Unintentional Mods".

This bar came about while learning how to create an edge-lit glass top for a desk. I've always liked the idea of the NeonBar, but hated its garishness. It needed remeshing so my Sim could be proud to serve his guests tasty beverages. The neon was moved to the countertop and resized until it was an accent instead of a glaring eyesore. Put in a little glass, and voila - glasstop neonbar. To make it more interesting, I moved the glow mesh up to the countertop and recolored/reshaped it. Also added a 30° slot down by the blender so I could place a lamp for the bartender to see his work while in a dark noisy juice bar.

Some technical info:
All textures are EAxis, except for the gold patina and wooden countertop - generated by myself with Genetica Viewer and Wood Workshop (both by Spiral Graphics)
GUID-d5860080, face count-1811, in-game price-2100, Catalog placement- Miscellaneous>Party

Known Issues: nothing serious, but a few notes:
You must press "M" key to access the extra slot.
If you place the bar at a 45° diagonal, the left countertop slot drops to the ground. (This really freaked me out for a minute- then I realized that the same thing occurred with the original EAxis version, as well. A project for another time.)
I removed the dirty/clean state textures, because 1) they're ugly - EAxis inverted the UVmap or something on the shadow and 2) I can't figure out how to make them work correctly (yet ).

Tools used: SimPE, Blender 2.77, GIMP, Gentica Viewer, Wood Workshop, UV Mapper

Game Requirements Nighltlife

DOs: Please recolor this mesh to your heart's content. Use in lots, pictures, whatever you wish. I only ask that you credit me for the mesh and provide a link to this page.
DON'Ts: Do not post this mesh anywhere but this MTS page or claim my work as your own. That would really hurt my feelings, as well as forever branding you as a not-very-nice-person.

Polygon Counts:
shadows - 22
glass - 192
fridge - 624
counterfinish - 951
glasstop - 12
lucite - 32

Additional Credits:
I'm extremely grateful for the MTS Community(thanks, Delphy) - if it weren't for all the great tutorials and helpful comments in the forums, I don't know if I could have figured any of this out. Thanks to Quaxi et al for SimPE. Numenor for... well, for pretty much everything. Frillen for sharing transparency knowledge , HugeLunatic for the slots tutorial