The Wolf Hall Wall Sconce (in Wood and Iron)

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Uploaded: 16th Nov 2017 at 1:44 AM
Hi everybody. I'm really excited that this one is finally getting to go into the world. The wooden version of this sconce and the 1st version of the Maxwell Lord Sconce were my very first attempts at Sims 2 modding. In fact, this wooden one was actually the object I used to go through JWoods' tutorial. And since that tutorial mentions nothing about multiple subsets, how to tune lighting, or change-states, you can imagine what a mess I made of it. I did get it to work, though; but I've been sitting on it since January because I couldn't get it textured well enough to let it in public. Thanks to some encouragement from a few of the moderators and a lot of time spent learning how to use the UV mapping features in Blender, I at least got this far. I'm kinda proud of this one, and I really really hope you like it. (And if it looks to you like the handprint clay ashtray your 4-yr-old made for you in preschool, well just remember that I made it with love.)

This, of course, was inspired by the light fixtures shown in Cromwell's house on the TV show "Wolf Hall". I was trying to build a castle lot at the time, and I thought it would be really cool to have some medieval lights. They are cloned from the Blinding Soldier Wall Lamp, so they do require the University EP. (Sorry, basegamers. )

Known issues:

Nothing really wrong with them - just a couple minor annoyances. The mesh turns dark if you shift them downward on the wall. ( I think that may be common, because I've recently noticed that the Maxis lamps do the same.) Also, since these are supposed to be candles and not fluorescent tubes, the light they give off is very dim.

Tools used:

Blender 2.77, 2.78, 2.79, GIMP 2.8, SimPE, Genetica Vewer

Technical info:

Wood Sconce: GUID- D586CE20, in-game price- 222, total faces - 1362

Iron Sconce: GUID - D586CE21, in-game price - 222, total faces - 1080

Textures used:
The grey wood came from this pack by bart from
The Oak wood texture was from (The site currently seems to be down. I downloaded this in April, and have been trying to re-access it for two weeks now with no luck.)
The other textures were all made by me, using the Genetica program and GIMP.

Polygon Counts:
Wolf Hall Wooden Sconce:
flame-4, shadow-2, lightpattern-2, candle-108, surface-478, metal-768

Wolf Hall Iron Sconce:
flame-4, shadow-2, lightpattern-2, candle-130, surface-252, metal-690

Additional Credits:
Quaxi and all the other geniuses who gave us SimPE .
Numenor, RGiles for CEP and their contributions to SimPE .
The MTS Community and our host Tashiketh