Tokyo Mashup: Pachinko City Block

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Uploaded: 21st Oct 2017 at 11:37 PM
Updated: 22nd Oct 2017 at 8:28 AM by Floraflora2
It's difficult to find contemporary Japanese city lots in Sims 3 to download, especially if one would like something high density / high-rise urban, and not rural traditional Edo-style (those are much easier to find). Also it's very difficult to create them to look good without CC - American-style urban lots can look amazing without CC, but a builder has to sweat blood to craft a Tokyo high-rise without Asian CC. At least, I did, so I decided to upload this high-rise because although I don't think there are many players who play in Japanese city neighborhoods, but if there are some, maybe this upload may come in handy for them.

The lot is not a replica, but strongly influenced by the Tetris-like commercial and office high-rises of Shinjuku district, Tokyo. The real buildings in the main crossings of Shinjuku are of course much more overstuffed by advertisement billboards, but I tried to find a compromise between "too overwhelmed" and humble playability. Each details, street objects, shop arrangements are created to reflect the details I observed during my long strolls in Google street view of Tokyo. It's not unusual either to see small, two-level pre-WW2 houses pressed tightly between the new high-rises, so I have built one, too.

The lot is set to Nerd Shop (University Life EP), not much higher than the default EA 5-floor, so definitely not a skycraper height. The 1st floor is furnished for a small "pachinko parlor" and a nerd shop (with register), the 2nd floor offers karaoke rooms and the restrooms. The upper floors and some parts of the first two floors are darkened by hidden room markers. There is no eatery or bar, although if you want, you can easily arrange a small bar (izakaya) in the tiny house on the left corner (currently under renovation), or upstairs where the karaoke reception desk is. By the entrances on the street there are ample vendor machines for hungry sims though. I have put a Brain Enhancer Machine 2.0 (UL EP) into the pachinko, disguising it as a VR game-tour chair.

PLAYTEST: Tested for routing and playability. No functional doors for the darkened areas, to prevent sims being stuck. The lot assigns a Hobby Shop Merchant for the register, opening hours 8.00 AM-2.00 AM.

No CC and no Stuff Packs needed, but I used some Roaring Heights objects and windows (see the detail picture with the vertical window bars)! So to achieve the same look of the lot, you need: Late Night, Showtime, University Life (those three are the most important), Seasons, World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, and maybe Island Paradise (although I don't think I used any stuff from IP). And for the decorative window bars and "wall plates", you need Roaring Heights Standard Version

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): 216,480
Lot Price (unfurnished): 85,594

Additional Credits:
- to jje1000 for their custom world Sao Paten because the high-rises there inspired me a lot to build this one, special thanks for the idea how to create the HITACHI sign!