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Pajamas for women - "Mouse" and "Bunny"

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Uploaded: 31st Oct 2017 at 12:41 PM
Updated: 31st Oct 2017 at 9:42 PM
I created two collections of pajamas for women - "Mouse" and "Bunny". Your sims are preparing for the cold season! Wear warm pajamas and winter will be warm and comfortable.

This collection should continue for you a set of clothes also for pregnant women (Please note that your pregnant sim will not automatically wear these. You need to use a mod that allows pregnant Sims to choose clothes).

- All costumes use a mesh - AdeLana_AF_mesh001p here
- Clothes have morphs of pregnant and fatty.
- The collection of clothes is in the category of sleepwear.

Textures and images Credits:

All textures taken from Wildberries:

Pajamas Mouse
To create a texture here

Pajamas Bunny
To create a texture of blue here

Additional Credits:
Adobe Photoshop CS6,
The Compressorizer