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Comfy Sleepwear Mesh + Big Recolour Pack!

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Uploaded: 25th Sep 2006 at 7:07 AM
Updated: 16th Nov 2008 at 8:46 PM by CatOfEvilGenius
I've had several similar custom meshes I've downloaded, but nothing quite had all the features I wanted: no waistline, no underboob crease from using a nude top, a really natural shape and fall to the pants down to the floor, and an excellent uv map that would allow for all sorts of patterned recolours with minimal distortion. So... I frankensteined my own! In contrast to the GLS dress for kids, this is probably the easiest mesh project I've ever done - I can't believe it worked completely right the first try.

I've made a big pack of 15 recolours for it, too, so no matter what your sim's taste, there's probably something in here they'll enjoy wearing. These all show up under pajamas/sleepwear and work for young adults, adults, and elders.

I have uploaded the recolour pack and the mesh separately - make sure you grab both .rar files or this won't work! All of the recolours are labeled the same as the screenshots, so you can remove any that you don't want.

1914 polygons, 1281 vertices. No bump maps. The footstep noise has also been changed so sims will sound properly barefoot when they walk in this. There is a fat morph (slightly chubby, not quite Maxis fat as it looked kind of weird the more I tried to adjust to Maxis fat) as well as a pregnant morph.

These outfits look absolutely adorable on pregnant women with remarkably little texture distortion, and I included a screenshot of a pregnant sim wearing one. In order to use these outfits as maternity wear, you will need Squinge's Pregnant Sims Wear Any Outfit Hack.

Thanks to:
  • Tiggerypum, for teaching me almost everything I know about meshing.
  • JM Pescado, for the information on correcting the footstep noise.
  • The Inspiration Gallery, my favourite site for textures, used for the pants textures here.
  • Wes_h, for the Unimesh plugins for Milkshape, used in the creation of this mesh.
  • Dr Pixel, for all kinds of various bits of useful meshing info that have helped me along the way.
  • Everyone who has contributed to the creation and development of SimPE.
  • MTS2, the rest of the staff, and Delphy, for creating a such a fantastic place to learn and share information, so I could figure out how to do cool stuff like this.