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âš* EDIT: âš* LEKSVIK Coffee Table Recolors

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Uploaded: 14th Dec 2017 at 12:42 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2019 at 3:55 AM - Michelle helped fix texture issue; silly me forgot to actually put the package in the post again
This little project started when I was trying to make a uniform "study" for all my current Sim's family's children. There wasn't anything that universally matched all the colors I needed, so I thought, why not do it myself? You may be asking "Hey, Dea, what does a coffee table have to do with a study?" Well, dear reader, the answer is this: I'm in love with add-on slave sets, and this is the recolor you'd need for Michelle's LEKSVIK add-on set. I repeat: this is a recolor for the master needed for that set.

I don't know how EAxis mapped their table mesh, but the top does funny things sometimes and makes it look like more than one wood piece went into making the top, very little I can do about that in a recolor short of making everything uniform stripes or a solid color. Just pretend it's actually made of multiple pieces of wood, since I've seen that style around a lot, too, IRL. Fixed, thanks to Michelle! Here it is on the slaved set:

I wanted it to look like color-stained wood. Not painted, exactly, but vivid color stains. Hopefully I've accomplished that! It's under Buy > surfaces > coffee tables, for §175, I do believe.

Originally Posted by Michelle
G'Day hun,

Noticed the seam in your recolours and thought I would share some wisdom, if you do not mind. The best way to avoid the seam it to use a 256x 256 seamless texture.
I had some spare time today, played around with your textures to make them seamless and thought I would send them to you...what you do with them is up to you. [...] if you want to edit your upload with them that's fine by me...they're yours!

Michelle contacted me, and quite wonderfully updated my set with a proper seamless top, as well as gave me permission to upload as-is. Thank you thank you thank you! So if you could redownload, that would be great, no more wacky tabletop multi pieces.

Additional Credits:
Michelle for her wonderful slave addon set