Laser Rhythm-a-con Star Challenge Fix 1.0

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Uploaded: 21st Feb 2018 at 11:24 PM
Updated: 20th Dec 2021 at 6:58 PM - Updated Update and Added Final Notes
In depth description:
I recently had issues with not being able to complete this challenge despite having completed 25+ opportunities for the Rhythm-a-con and after some testing believe the cause of the issue derives from the user attempting to complete the Laser Rhythm-a-con Star skill challenge after hitting level 10 in their Laser-Rhythm-a-con skill. Your only reward for completing these opportunities is Rhythm-a-con experience so when you're at level 10 you technically don't receive any reward and the game sees this as not having completed the challenge.

All this mod does is add a $250 simoleon reward to each Laser Rhythm-a-con opportunity, allowing the skill challenge to be completed successfully even if your skill level is maxed out.

Update: Updated Simoleon reward to $250. After further consideration it makes more sense to set the simoleon reward to $250 as this matches the payout for other instrument opportunities.

Because the Laser Rhythm-a-con is only available in Into the Future, this is the only EP it applies to.
This mod was built and tested using patch 1.67. This mod is verified working with patch 1.69.

This mod may conflict with any mod that modifies the Opportunities_EP11.xml file.

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Additional Credits:
Additional credit is due to Buckley who helped me narrow down the location of the necessary code to create this mod.

Final Notes:
This mod does not affect the chances you will get an opportunity phone call. If you are not receiving skill opportunities try nikel23's Opportunity phone call fix (and more) here.

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