Blandesque - (No CC) (Furnished and Unfurnished)

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Take a step into this soulless bliss that was some of the best of what 90's suburbia had to offer!


A well-built and intended home deserves to suit you and your family as both a place of comfort and a private retreat. Why not come home to this bland edifice each day which offers you nothing unique from the rest of your neighbours? The exterior may fail to offer many unique features, but we certainly guarantee that you'll find exactly the same feeling throughout the interior of this home as well! Surely you'll be reminded of how your large investment into this property is paying itself off with the long days spent outdoors in your very own postage stamp of a backyard. In case the undeniable feeling this home radiates seems to fail as striking to you, it should be noted that this structure is very much considered a work of art. In every attempt to find the perfect pairing of style and soul that an architectural designer could ever dream of doing, this home's planner had the better intention of crafting something so unremarkable that it creates a beauty of its own. This style is a standard issue these days - and it's totally the definition of the term Blandesque.

Now step inside. You'll find yourself surrounded by a rushing sense of opulence as you make your way into the foyer. The large open ceiling and stairs leading to the balcony above seem to almost beckon you to ascend. Before doing that, take note of the opening living, dining and kitchen combination. It's simply perfect for entertaining. A sizable number of guests could both be seen and heard well throughout this cavernous shell of a home. Slim walls (as we prefer to call them) are more sleek and modern and are better fitted in a home of this construction-level calliper. The amount of noise let through is also a safety feature, we promise!

The kitchen is however quite spacious. Having plenty of countertop space will help to hold your plentiful amount of small appliances and various knick-knacks. Not only is having a main floor powder room a gem in this era but a cozy den is also tucked away behind your one-car garage. This space can be used as either a formal dining room if you've got that sort of commitment in your mind! Speaking of your garage, may we remind you that under no circumstance can you expect this garage to be completed? The idea behind it being left unfinished is indented to spark inspiration in you and let you put your own finishing (and personal) touches on the room.

As you eagerly rush to explore the upstairs of this basic suburban estate, keep in mind that the use of matching materials in nearly each and every room was an intentional design choice. We promise you that! Again, each room invites you to add your own splash of colour to the walls and decorate to your personal tastes. Well, you're thinking about that, think about this. Three bedrooms and a full bathroom are found on this level, and we should mention that the master bedroom offers a special "wow-deal" that is custom to you (and only you, we promise!) The paint in this room offers a different and textured look than the others, and there's no denying that it's certainly a noteworthy feature, isn't it?!

Come to your backyard now and escape to the serenity that is the outdoors (unless your standard-issue suburban mansionette [such as this manor for example] happens to be situated near a busy urban arterial roadway) The deck offers you enough space to fit most of your patio equipment on and would even allow room for a very small pool should the idea of small dipping ponds capture your fancy. Unless you take down your deck of course, but why would you even think of doing that? The neighbours all around you have a deck, and so should you! In fact, we encourage you to build on this deck and display a sense of neighbourly dominance. Embrace the never-ending social climbing beast that is suburbia.

We've saved the best (and we mean it) fact about this tract villa for last! Construction on this property ended in the midst of the 1990s, and look at it now! If this gleaming example of what a well-engineered structure should look like doesn't grasp you, then give your head a shake. This property is meant to stand the test of time! The test of a time capsule, that is! However it's needless to say that you'd need anything more in this home, isn't that the truth? When you boil it all down on that thought, you'll likely realize that this house offers you more space than you'd probably need. However, of course, should you need a larger property, we at Blandesque Homes offer nothing other than this great style to choose from unless you happen to be buying two lookalikes right next to each other! Don't forget to keep us in mind when you purchase your next home and remember: "Don't forget to think Blandesque! "

Price (Unfurnished): 27,447
Price (Furnished): 61,737
Lot Size: 2x3