Small but Opulent - (No CC) (Furnished & Unfurnished)

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Uploaded: 12th Apr 2020 at 1:36 AM
Small but Opulent
A home that pairs the finest of furnishings with a small and quaint living space!


Want to surround yourself with the finest furnishings but can't be bothered to own a sprawling estate? This place might do, it's Small but Opulent! This home comes to the market after the original owners, the Wahldash family, have had to come to terms with selling (and to downsize even more, if you could imagine). It's a quaint three bedroom, two bathroom, and very well-decorated home that will leave you feeling like you're living life within a palace's walls! The Wahldash's sure had an eye for fine furniture, and thankfully, have included it all in the terms of the sale. Also included is enough fabric cleaner and wood polish to last you a lifetime! Trust me, you're going to need it in this place.

From the exterior you may not think much of this place. Upon entry you may quickly get an idea of what you'll be in for as a beautiful white marble foyer greets you. A convenient closet allows for storage of your outdoor clothes and any other knick-knacks that you can stuff away in there. A spacious seating room and living room both share an open, breathable space. Plenty of light is let in by the large and plentiful windows. A large formal dining room is completed with an open passthrough to the expansive kitchen. You'll love cooking for bunches in here, and they'll surely love you for hosting them in such a wonderful home!

A cute sunroom is unique to this property, as is the adorable white picket fence that surrounds the backyard. Back inside the home you'll find three well-sized bedrooms, each boasting more of that natural light. Two of the rooms are quite sizable, large enough to count as a master, but you'll surely want to save that for the suite which comes complete with it's own private bathroom (and a cozy little bay window).

The Wahldash family surely has taken great care of this home, so we'll know that you'll settle in without a problem! They've asked for complete privacy during their move, however, and will not disclose the location that they're moving to. Something about pesky art collectors bothering them and asking them to return some things that they just so happen to think are stolen! Bah, what am I telling you this for? That's just heresay. Move into this place and settle down! You shouldn't have to worry about the local museum's attorney knocking on your door and demanding you hand over a few prized pieces that happened to go missing. Besides, any attorney's office wouldn't do that, they'd likely contact the police! Oh...

Lot Size: 2x4
Lot Price (furnished): 163,990
Lot Price (unfurnished): 30,449
No Sims have lived on this lot - it is completely clean.