Vampires can't use mirrors

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Uploaded: 17th Aug 2018 at 12:40 AM
Updated: 22nd Jan 2020 at 11:42 PM
Update 22nd of January: now notifications show correct Sim in an icon. Previously they showed no Sims.

There was a discussion in the Hacks & CC that you'd like to see! thread about improving vampires and aliens. Didyouevenmakeasound suggested disabling mirror actions for vampires and I wanted give it a try. Today I want to present you the results of my work.

This mod hides Gussy Up, Change Appearance, Check Self Out and Use Acne Cream pie menus from vampires, so they cannot use them. Practice Speech and Practice Romance options are still visible, but vampires will refuse to do them. Instead, a dialog will appear stating "You want me to practice speech? I'm a vampire, I can't see myself in the mirror!" or "You want me to practice romance? I'm a vampire, I can't see myself in the mirror!". Vampires are still able to change the appearance of a pet or a toddler.

This means that you'll have to use some hacked objects or send your vampires to a hairdresser if you want to change their appearance.

There are 3 versions of my mod: NL, OFB and BV. Download NL if you only have got Night Life or Night Life and University. If you have got expansion packs from Open For Business to Seasons, download OFB version. If you have got Bon Voyage or anything higher, download BV. Night Life is quite logically required for all versions.

I haven't come across anything like that. However, this mod will conflict with anything that alters overriden resources listed below. String conflicts are tricky ones, because they are not mentioned by HCDU.

Overriden resources
Resource nameTypeGroupInstance (high)Instance
Interaction - Practice SpeechBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x00002002
Interaction - Practice RomanceBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x00002004
Interaction - Change Appearance - TESTBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x0000200D
Interaction - Gussy Up - TESTBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x0000200A
Interaction - Check Self Out - TESTBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x00002007
Interaction - Apply Zit Cream - TESTBHAV0x7F84A9F40x000000000x00002014
Dialog prim string set (or [Text List])STR#0x7F84A9F40x000000000x0000012D

didyouevenmakeasound for the idea