Custom skintoned werewolves fur fix

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Uploaded: 18th Dec 2020 at 3:19 PM
This mod fixes the issue where werewolves that have custom skintones appear furless. For this purpose I made two overlays that put skintone 3 fur on those Sims. There are two overlays - one for men and one for women. You need to keep both overlays in your downloads folder. Sims that have Maxis light, tan, medium, dark or alien skintones will grow their usual furs.

Don't download this fix if you're using hairtone-linked werewolf overlays. This mod is only useful if you're using skintone-linked werewolf fur (which is vanilla game behaviour).

How it works?
This mod uses LUA to check if a Sim has Maxis skintone. If they have, it applies only original werewolf overlay. If they don't have Maxis skintone, both original and custom werewolf overlays are applied. This way men get their werewolf hairstyle.

tunaisafish for Attraction Traits Fix mod that gave me the idea of using LUA. I relied heavily on their code when working on this mod.

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