Dance competitions with NL DJ booth

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Uploaded: 14th Feb 2022 at 2:23 PM
Updated: 19th Feb 2022 at 6:59 PM
Until recently I wasn't even aware Sims could take part in a dance competition, because I've never used FT DJ booth. Why would I? All nightclubs in Downtown use the NL one and I've never bothered to replace them. Then I found out that FT DJ booth has a feature the NL one doesn't - dance competitions. I decided to make a mod to add this functionality to NL DJ booth, because I'm still too lazy to swap them in nightclubs.

What this mod does?

It adds dance competitions to Night Life DJ booth by overriding NL booth resources and adding some extracted from the FT one.

Overriden and added resources

This mod overrides resources of group 0x7F26F636:
  • BHAVs of instances: 0x00001000, 0x00001004, 0x00001005, 0x0000100C, 0x0000100E, 0x00001011, 0x00001017 and 0x0000101C.
  • OBJD of instance 0x000041AA
  • Pie Menu Functions and Pie Menu Strings
  • Text Lists: 0x00000081 (Anims - Adult), 0x00000100 (Attributes), 0x0000012F (Call Named Tree prim string set), 0x0000012D (Dialog prim string set) and 0x0000012E (MakeActionString prim string set)

This mod adds resources of group 0x7F26F636:
  • BCONs of instances: 0x00001007, 0x00001008 and 0x00001009
  • BHAVs of instances from 0x00001024 to 0x0000103B
  • Text List 0x00000130 (Lua Strings)


This mod will conflict with any mod that alters the same resources or adds new resources to NL DJ booth of the same instances as mine mod does.

This mod overrides and adds many resources, so it makes the possibility of conflicts more likely. However, I'm not aware of any conflicts as of the time I'm writing this. If you're better informed than me, feel free to let me know.

Known conflicts:
If you want to have edits from both "Visitors Behave" and "DJ Booth Autonomy Fix", choose "zz_Meduza_NL_DJbooth_dancecompetition_AutonomyVisitors".

Compatibility addons have to be used with the main mod (Meduza_NL_DJbooth_dancecompetition) and load after it.


I've had few errors while testing this mod, but I wasn't able to recreate them and I'm not sure what had caused them. Upon reassigning DJ or ordering my Sims to take part in a dance competition again, issues haven't returned. This mod should work fine, but keep in mind it might throw an error once in a while.