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Reduced Mourning from Death Notifications

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2018 at 2:49 PM
Updated: 18th Mar 2023 at 10:02 AM - Updated Mod - 18Mar2023

18 Mar 2023. Updated for Infants Patch V1.96.365.
16 Mar 2023. Broken with patch V1.96.365.1030. Please await an update.
02 Nov 2022. OK With V1.93.129. No Update needed
Updated for V1.90.358 (High School and Sexual Orientation patch)
Updated for V1.89.214 (Werewolves Patch)
Updated for V1.82.99. Files changed.
Updated for V1.80.69 Spa Day Refresh and the CAS Base Game Uplift (Replace cyclelegs_less_mourning with mts_less_mourning)
No Update Required for V1.52 (Island Living pre-patch)
Updated V1.50. (21 Feb 2019 Patch)
Updated for V1.47. Although EA tinkered with the mourning system, their alterations did not change much.


This tuning mod reduces the Duration and Intensity of Mourning that happens when Sims are notified by phone call of a death of someone they know.

In particular, mourning for the death of sims with which there is a minor relationships level, like friends and acquaintances, is backed off very significantly.

Major relationships like parents and a spouse are not changed from the EA settings.


Sims are getting phone calls advising them or the death of a sim with which they have some sort of relationship. A very long mourning period with a very strong sad buff is then applied to the sim. This seems fine if the relationship is for a parent or spouse. However, a sad +3 buff that lasts for 2 days just because some random sim with a friend relationship level has died seems wrong.

This tuning mod reduces the level of the sad buff and applies it for a shorter time for the more minor relationships.

Scope of Mod

This mod only changes mourning that happens as a result of phone notification of a death. Witnessing a death first hand and seeing the Reaper doing her stuff is not affected by this mod.


The mod was built with V1.46(pc). It is not compatible with earlier versions of the game.

The following game files are used. Other mods that change these files will conflict with this mod.

Additional Credits:
Sims4 Studio