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Annewrom Esor's Cheerleading Outfits "De-Maxified" (Adult Versions Added!)

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2018 at 4:09 PM
Updated: 20th Jan 2019 at 9:11 AM
I love things that match, and I love annewrom esor's retextures of the teen female cheerleader outfits to match the FreeTime soccer uniforms. However, I use Neder's default replacements for the soccer clothes, the ones that remove the plastic-looking decals, so I wanted to de-plastic the cheer outfits as well for maximum matchitude. For those of you who care about the small details, enjoy these decal-free variations of annewrom esor's awesome work. Now your school mascot doesn't have to be the Plumbbobs!

These can be found in Everyday and Athletic for TF, AF, and YAF. I had hoped to make a version for children as well, since the soccer uniforms they're meant to match are for all three age groups, but see here for why I probably won't. Other than the logo on the chest, I have not made any changes to these textures; if you download these, consider going over to thank the ones they're based on. No EP is needed for the teen mesh; for the adult versions, you do need Uni. (The soccer clothes still require FT.)

Additional Credits:
treeag's indispensable Freezer Clock
The Sims 2 Body Shop
Paint Shop Pro 7