Cybase - A luxury unleashed family home

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Uploaded: 6th Jan 2019 at 1:52 AM
Updated: 10th Jan 2019 at 1:11 AM

Hey guys,

First of all Happy New Year and all the best wishes; may your dreams come true.

This is another fun environment for your Sims to enjoy. I started from the back of the lot this time to allow more space for a big park and worked my way up to the front. Cybase is a freestyle, luxury unleashed family home for your Sims celebrities or different family members of a household living together and sharing the same environment.

It features:

First floor
Centrally located are the main living room and two hallways leading to both sides of the house respectively.

East side
A master's en suite with an all-in-one bathroom combo on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor.
The guest apartment features two separate en suites, a common living room, office and laundry. There is a small family room with a half bath alongside the hallway.

West side
An en suite with a laundry room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor.
A big family entertainment area with an open concept living, kitchen, breakfast area, dining, study, fireplace, and bar. It also has two half baths on both sides of the west wings.

Second floor
Centrally located is an open room with living, dining, and study. It also has two small balconies on both sides.

East side
A master's en suite (mentioned earlier) with rooms on both floors and a butler's en suite (could also be used as any room of your choice).
A kitchen with breakfast table, game room with pool/billiard and bar, a shared laundry room, and two balconies.

West side
Another big living area with kitchen, breakfast table, bar, game area, a half bath and two balconies.
An en suite with an all-in-one bathroom combo and a second en suite (mentioned earlier) with rooms on both floors.

Third floor
On the east side is a small family room with a half bath. It also has a sundeck with grill and dining area.
On the west side is also a small room with living, dining, and a half bath. The sundeck offers a fireplace and relaxation area.
Both decks have panoramic views of the lot and its surroundings.

Outdoor environment
Two cars parking spaces and a patio with grill area in the front yard.
The backyard features a big swimming pool with a poolside grill, kitchen, dining, bar, outdoor showers, and two half baths. It also offers an outdoor fireplace, artist corner, picnic areas, and a fish pond.

The buildings at the back of the lot feature the main library, music and fitness rooms in the middle.
A half bath, massage and bike rooms on the east side.
A sauna room with access to a full bath, bike and artist rooms respectively.

Please note: You can use any side of the platform for fishing as long as it’s not directly in front of the fountain. I changed the stand lights on the sundeck (3rd floor, east) to normal. Use the auto light option for your indoor and outdoor fireplaces of the house.

Place anywhere on a flat lot and if you encounter any issues, comment or send me a PM.

It’s a fun place for your Sims to explore.
Hope you like it

List of store contents:
Ascension is Paramount
Asymmetrical Plant Frame
Beveled Mirror
Countdown Sconce
Cyber Creeping Vine
Eastern Ambiance Ceiling Lamp
Fab Ficus
Forever Living Plant
Futuristic Comfort
Haute Hip Panther Sculpture
Infinite Zen Massage Table
Leaves of Tears
Mother Brassbeard's Birdbath
Northern Lights
Palm in Vase
Piece of Paradise Fan Palms
Pineapple Pottery
Plant Pocket
Potted Orchids Divine
Relative Clock
Sailing Painting by A. Ship
Sharper Sim Foot Massage Chair
Starburst Clock
Steam-It-Up Sauna
That's my Dame Table Sculpture
The Right-O Wall Lamp
Tropical Fruit Bowl
Tropical Leaves of Repose
Ultramodern Dresser by D. Kyle
Ultramodern End Table by D. Kyle
Wonderfully Woven Hanging Chair

Free Store Contents:
Earth Day
Let There Be Sims!
New Year's Nectar
Surreal Grilled Cheese Painting

Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 913,547
Lot Price (unfurnished): 441,106

Additional Credits:
This is dedicated to Hellfrozeover for the excellent support through the years.
MTS team