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Servo - Complete Conversion

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2019 at 9:28 AM
Updated: 29th Nov 2019 at 2:15 PM
Update: I've seen that sometimes the LED eye effect from the Maxis robots shows over these Servo heads. I've added a template Servo that can be found in your Plumbot Bin in Create-a-Bot, selecting this should resolve the issue. Place the "Qahne_simTemplateServo.sim" file into your SavedSims folder, the rest go in Mods as usual.

Long time no see, I know. I also know I mentioned these were coming soon back when I released my TS4 Servo conversion...back in 2015. This project actually goes back far longer than that; Servo for TS3 was my very first mod, not just for The Sims but for any game, and it's been a learning process the whole time, going through many, many versions since I began in 2011, but most of that time has been spent being distracted by other modding projects. I figured I should dust these off and finally finish them, and I think I finally have it as good as I can, so my endless tweaking comes to a close. So, without further ado, introducing Servo...again!

This is a set of CAS items that can be used to make your ITF PlumBots look like classic TS2 Servos, including their formal outfits and their occult variants (which come in very handy with NRaas' Hybrid mod!). Everything is as recolourable as possible, and the heads and bodies include different stencils and RGB layouts for maximum customisation.

In addition to being made recolourable, each CAS item has fully custom specular and bump maps, making them really blend in with the graphical style of TS3 and looking even better than they did in TS2. They also use the reflective PlumBot shader, meaning you get dynamic reflections in the metal and not just a specular highlight. Their orbs also really glow! Just like my TS4 version, these are designed to be mixed and matched between themselves. Unfortunately, they cannot be used with other PlumBot pieces - they're just too different for that.

Instead, the torso section contains Servo's entire body and limbs, and the legs and arms sections have been repurposed to hold accessories,like hats and eyelashes!

You get four heads: the basic head in male and female; and one with fangs (for vampires and werewolves), also male and female. Both heads include two variants: one with the default Maxis eyes, and another with the fabulous Skelljay eyes! Each has three recolourable channels, plus a fourth channel for lipstick on females.

You get three bodies; the basic body, one in a dress, and one in a tuxedo, all recolorable, and the basic body includes two RGB variants - one enabling you to recolour the torso and limbs only, the other letting you recolour the orb and knees too. Additionally, they all have a stencil variant without the black glove..

Additionally, you get a five accessories - an antenna, an antenna with a bow, a set of eyelashes, a warlock hat and a witch hat, again, all fully recolourable, and the witch and warlock hats include three totally different textures each, matching the originals.

Because of the way this is set up, you also get a blank arm and a blank leg, to be worn when you don't want an antenna / hat or eyelashes, otherwise the Maxis arms and legs will cause a fair degree of interference. And as a final bonus, you also get a buy mode item, in the form of the deactivated Servo, with three recolourable channels!

While working on this project, I made many small improvements that have been carried over to the older TS4 port, such as better bone assignments, more detailed specular and normal maps, and glowing orbs. An updated version for TS4 is available right now, here , along with an accessory pack including new eyes, eyelashes and accessories .

Whichever game you play, I hope you enjoy it with Servo!

Polygon Counts:
LOD 1: 4128 (3824 + 304)
LOD 2: 2112 (1956 + 156)
LOD 3: 977 (913 + 64)

LOD 1: 4456 (3145 + 1007 + 304)
LOD 2: 2124 (1968 + 156)
LOD 3: 1132 (1068 + 64)

LOD 1: 4363 (4060 + 304)
LOD 2: 2120 (1964 + 156)
LOD 3: 1077 (1013 + 64)

amHead / afHead
LOD 1: 388
LOD 2: 388
LOD 3: 200

amHeadFang / afHeadFang
LOD 1: 416
LOD 2: 416
LOD 3: 216

LOD 1: 315
LOD 2: 153
LOD 3: 72

LOD 1: 349
LOD 2: 157
LOD 3: 72

LOD 1: 26
LOD 2: 18
LOD 3: 18

LOD 1: 78
LOD 2: 50
LOD 3: 50

LOD 1: 27
LOD 2: 19
LOD 3: 19

auArmNull / auLegNull
LOD 1: 1
LOD 2: 1
LOD 3: 1

LOD 1: 3296
LOD 2: 1058

Additional Credits:
thanks to Skelljay for permission to use her eye texture! She can be found here: https://whattheskell.tumblr.com/

Meshes and textures modified from The Sims 2: Open For Business, The Sims 2: Pets, The Sims 2: Apartment Life and The Sims 3: Into The Future.