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Blue's Cottage

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Uploaded: 18th Jul 2019 at 3:35 PM
Updated: 9th Aug 2019 at 7:33 PM

Blue's Cottage is a small, single bedroom home with a large enough garden with a covered porch at the front, and a deck with access to a small stone terrace at the back.

The interior is fit for a single Sim and a small 4-legged companion (so it's not that lonely).

Downstairs you have everything you'd expect a house to have; a great room, the kitchen, a toilet and a laundry room. Outside you'll find (albeit somewhat hidden) a clothes line to dry all your textiles.

Built on a 20x20 lot and costs ?56.615 F and ?32.196 UF

CC used but not included:
Shallow Traditional Wall Cabinets by rolltocrit
Classic Rectangle Rugs (2x3)
Classic Round Rugs (3x3) by TheJim07
3 Small Potted Plants by Lisen801

Aesthetics (Default texture replacements/fixes, not necessarily required):
Knock, please: Default Wood Replacement Texture by JaneSamborski
Ceci n'est pas white - Window Fixes by PharaohHound

I hope you enjoy this tiny one

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): In
Lot Price (unfurnished): text

Additional Credits:
Thanks to MTS and the creators of the CC, including Bigger Builder's Island where this was built.