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Walnut - Tiny Victorian cottage

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Uploaded: 8th Nov 2017 at 11:23 PM
Hellö there,

'Walnut' is a small cottage suitable as vacation home, or permanent living for 2. Upon entering the small hallway, you'll have an archway, leading to the combined living and dining area, furnished with the classiest furniture.

Upstairs there's one bedroom with an en-suite and a nook with a rocking chair.

The rear deck is accessed via the kitchen, and comes with an easel for your artistic Sims, or those, who want to become one.

CC used (not included):

Narrow horizontal siding
Backless showers
by Hugelunatic

Victorian window add-on - EA match
By Heaven

Classic rugs (Rectangular)
Classic rugs (Round)
By TheJim07

Slates and Sheets (Slates)
By Qbuilderz

For details:
Knock, please: Default replacement wood textures
By JaneSamborski

-I hope I didn't forget anyone!-

Built on 10x15 lot and costs: §62.641 Furn. and 33.363§ Unfurn.

This house has been sitting in my game for a while, and I'm glad to finally upload it (I'm also proud that I managed to squish this home onto the lot.)
Hope you enjoy!

Wow, this time I got around without armiel's DIY build set.

Lot Size: 10x15
Lot Price (furnished): In
Lot Price (unfurnished): Text

Additional Credits:
MTS and the creators of the CC!