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Unhidden Deco Clutter - SHT & WA

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Uploaded: 26th Aug 2019 at 10:23 AM
This is an override that recategorizes two originally hidden deco items from Showtime and World Adventures to make them show up in the catalog:

"Persephone's Exile" - Console table with flowers, Showtime. Found in Deco/Plants.

"Egypt Scrolls" - what it says on the tin - scrolls from Egypt, World Adventures. Originally categorized in Misc Deco but I moved them to Deco/Sculptures to avoid the alredy overstuffed Misc section. Also made them placeable on slots, original could only go on the ground for some reason.

This will not place the items in your game without the relevant EP. All it does is unhide things that were already in the game.

This override edits the OBJD resources of the two items and will conflict with anything that alters those same ones.

Edited resources:
sculptureClutterEgyptScrolls - OBJD 0x319E4F1D-0x08000000-0x0000000000989999
sculptureFloorRgncyConsole2x1 - OBJD 0x319E4F1D-0x58000000-0x000000000098D337

Made with patch 1.67

Additional Credits: