No/Less Spellcasters in Magic Realm HQ

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Uploaded 18th Sep 2019 at 2:52 AM · Updated 3rd Mar 2020 at 5:21 PM by Merkaba : removed clutter from packages

It truly bothered me how many people roamed the house, so I made a quick mod to reduce or fully eliminate the NPC Novice and Intermediate Spellcasters that appear in the Magic Realm Headquarters (the Sages are untouched).

There are three variants:

GameDefault - 2-3 Novice and 4-6 Intermediate Spellcasters.
  1. fewerSpellcastersInHQ - only up to 1 Novice and 1 Intermediate Spellcasters will appear.
  2. someSpellcastersInHQ - only up to 2 Novice and 3 Intermediate Spellcasters will appear (if you still want some, but not as many as default).
  3. noSpellcastersInHQ - only the Sages will roam the house.
Please only choose one of the packages. You need Realm of Magic pack for this to work.

This is an XML Tuning mod of: F958A092!00000015!0000000000033FA1.zoneDirector_MagicHQ.ZoneDirectorTuning.xml
It will conflict with anything that modifies this file.

27-09-2019 I am aware there is a similar mod by Zero . However, when Zero posted theirs, my mod was in moderation queue. Also, Zero's mod limits the spellcasters to 6, while mine has lower limits or even 0. Also, I only learned about Zero's existance a couple of days ago cheers to the community!

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