Alluring Modern Paintings

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Uploaded: 3rd Oct 2019 at 11:05 PM
Are your Sims looking for an original modern painting or a high quality art print for their homes and houses?. if yes, then the Alluring Modern Paintings is their sure bet to fulfill those needs. The Alluring Modern Paintings comes in four Flavors

Cosicas Varias Painting

This collection comes in 14 swatches of famine fetal to lighten up the interior of your lots.

Class Painting

This collection combines exquisite modern paintings to illuminate your interior decoration and it comes in 9 Swatches

Daz Mixtures

This combines different mix of painting in modern and contemporary forms and comes in 11 swatches.

Glass Modern Paintings

As the name implies, these are modern paintings enclosed is glass casing and is defined by modernistic paintings in water colors and paintings.This comes in 11 swatches

Be it the living, dining, bedroom, corridors or study room, be assured that the modern and contemporary beauty of your home interior is well assured.

Build your Sims homes and let one of or a combination of the Alluring Modern Paintings do the talking for you. Be rest assured that when your Sims friends and colleagues come visiting the beauty of your home as defined by the presence of the Alluring Modern Paintings will be the talk of town.

There are 4 zip files each containing one class of the painting. Each of the painting adds a wall painting to the decorative category called by names, Cosicas Varias Painting costing 1600 Simoleons, Class Modern Paintings costing 500 Simoleons, Modern Glass Wall Painting costing 120 Simoleons, and Daz Mixtures costing 2000 Simoleons.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Sims one of the Alluring Modern Paintings kit today and let them start exploring the world of this beautiful collection of art and gear up for a journey filled with joy.... Happy Simming

Polygon Counts:
Glass Modern Painting HOD-276
Class Modern Painting HOD- 30
Daz Mixtures HOD-30
Cosicas Varias Painting HOD-30

Additional Credits:
Milkshake 3d,Blender,Sims4studio and