Deco Moderne (Ultra Modern - Uni req and hack free)

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Uploaded 18th May 2005 at 10:04 AM · Updated 19th May 2005 at 1:29 PM by Moon_Ez : Added info

When the day comes (I hope it does :D) this is the cinda house I would build for me and my fam. I absolute love the modern design.

It's a modern contemp house located on a clif by the coast. You can just feel the icy nort wind houling outside. But I dont worry. This house can survive anything with it's reeinforced concreete walls and armored glass. :smash:

The house is buildt on a 5x4 lot in 2 sections 3 floor's each and has:
-> 4 bed rooms
-> 2 bath rooms
-> Kitchen and dining room
-> Living room
-> Glass floors n stairs in the stairways connecting the floors.
-> There is also 2 large sun deck's on each roof.

Recoloured connecting stairs in black iron and clear glass stepps + "DECO" WALL SCONCES in clear glass to match RGiles floors and Numenors doors ++.
There are 25 recoloured paintings, all of Wassily Kandinsky. A big thanks to him for his super tallent.

The rest of the recoloured items and meshes in the game a big thanks to you good people here who made em.

Note! For those of you that dont have the invisible walls in your game there might be some strange fence apparences in the house. (The black iron fences replaces the invisible walls if you dont have them installed)
Like for instans fences throu the piano. I put them there so that my sim dosent walk throu, but arround it. Looks better u know.

The house can be found here at the bottom of the page:

Furnished - 255.000 simoleons
Unfurnished - 62.000 simoleons

2 rar files. 1 furnished and 1 not + pic.

So. Let me know what you think it, and if there are any other strange items/apparnces that I have mised.

- = Edit = -

-> The Invisible/Unleveled/Prison walls by Numenor can be found here:

-> The Wall-Window" glass set (transparent) by Numenor can be found here:

-> The Transparent Floor Tile Set walls by RGiles can be found here:

-> The KS lightONE by klarsicht42 can be found here:

-> The KS InWallLight-System by klarsicht42 can be found here:

-> The Baby Grand Piano by DBCAB can be found here:

-> The paintings by me with help from Wassily Kandinsky will be upploaded, but at a later time

-> The "DECO" WALL SCONCES lamp matching RGiles and Numenors clear transparen floor/wall will be upp loaded at a later time.

-> The groundpaint i dont remember where i got :sorry: