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Modern Farmhouse Painting - multiple variations

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Uploaded: 3rd Aug 2020 at 9:14 AM
A bit of Kirkland's (a popular home decor store in the US) for your sims' homes! This mesh by Sandy at ATS is the perfect size for above a couch, fireplace, bed, etc. I included five variations with similar / coordinating color schemes. The frame is CASTable. Enjoy!

Price: 45
Location: Decor > Wall Decor
Name: SouthernStyleSims-FarmhouseCollection(originalMeshByAroundTheSims)

White pottery with green stems:

Cotton stems with tan background:

Dandelions on blue background:

Blue / Tan trees in field:

Shades of blue flowers:

Please note that the mesh is included with the package file here; you do not need to download the original from Around the Sims 3 for this object to work.

Additional Credits:
Original mesh by Sandy at Around the Sims 3 - part of the Pizzeria set.